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Mail order medical supplies [diabetic testing strips] from overseas, has anyone found a reliable resource? I would prefer Accu-Chek Aviva system. At a $1 a strip I could use some help.
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77144, it would really help if you tell us where you live. Surprisingly or not, some countries have the exact same test strips that you would find in North America or Europe. I know you can safely buy local products for a reasonable price in South America, for example.
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There are US-based mail order outfits that will get you the strips for 60 cents each for a box of 50 (about the same price I saw when googling canadian sites). Not as ideal as I get with my insurance (100 for $4... I'm an OneTouch Ultra man myself) but better than $1+ each. Since test strips don't require a prescription, they may be easier to import (but still regulated by the FDA so it may actually be a no-no to import), but some of the cost savings you'd see are eaten up by international postage charges and the company's profit motive.
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msali: Right, I'm inquiring from California. And do you have any e-address of companies that do international business? Thanks
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Try Amazon.
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77144, I am sorry, I misunderstood your question. I THOUGHT you were living overseas. I checked with a supplier that I know in southern South America, and the price it would take to ship to you would make it financially unfeasible (albeit legal). I would go with Halloween Jack's suggestion. 100 Aviva strips there seem to run about 52 dollars plus shipping, nearly halving your cost. Again, I am really sorry I misunderstood your question.
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I've heard that Amazon orders often arrive with box stickers already opened, or strips very close to expiration. The Diabetes Mall has been recommended to me, although I haven't placed an order yet. (They sell strips in Medicare/Medicaid labeling, not consumer drugstore boxes.)

I am newly diagnosed and have finally begun to understand why there are so many ads for low-cost diabetes supplies. Sheesh, strips are expensive (like birdherder, I'm a OneTouch Ultra girl).
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