Can I Have Multiple Task Lists Displayed Horizontally?
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TaskList Special Request: MyLifeOrganized is my preferred tasklist software, because I can do exactly what I need - simply create new tasks and sibling/ child tasks rapidly and unrestricted, and drag and drop them into category groups. Problem: I have so many tasks, one huge vertical list isn't really working for me, nor does it jive with my widescreen workspace. Solution: I want to view each category group (eg immediate actions, projects, documents, clients etc) in it's own vertical list, and each list is displayed side by side in a horizontal view. Is there any Win XP tasklist software *not web-based - no internet access at work* that does this?
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Response by poster: TruncatedTiller - how do you configure this to show horizontal displays? I'm looking for something that displays all the tasks in a category in a separate column.
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If you use MLO's "Print PocketMod" feature, you can print a 1-page report in 8 boxes (designed to be folded into a little 8-page booklet) -- each box can be configured to display whatever you want, so you could see all of your lists at once.

It formats the pocketmod as a Word document so if you want to keep your list onscreen instead of printing you can do that.

Obviously if you're editing your tasks you'll need to go back to your outline or to-do list, so this might not be a perfect option for you.

MLO is pretty actively updated and the guy takes feature requests in the forum on his website, so it might be worth suggesting a multi-column view. Or look through is list of upcoming changes to see if it's already there.
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Ahh, sorry. I'd focused on how it sub-tasked and missed your columnar display requirement. My (older) version doesn't do that; I don't know if it's been added in later.
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