Movie/TV show with Petula Clark's Downtown
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A friend of mine is being driven crazy by a half-memory of a horror movie or TV show that had the song "Downtown" (Petula Clark's version) in a pivotal scene in it. Does anyone remember this? Not Little Shop of Horrors, though.
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Not really horror, but maybe "Short Circuit 2"?
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You could work through this list - it's not exact, but might ring a bell for him.
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Girl, Interrupted
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@davey_darling - Don't know if it's on that list, but thanks for cluing me into the fact that you can search for a piece of music on IMDB. That will come in handy. :)
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The third season of Lost has that song playing in the first episode (A Tale of Two Cities) in the scene right before the plane breaks up. Not sure if that's what your friend might be thinking of, but here's a link:
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The two uses I can recall were in ‘Girl, Interrupted’ and in Arrested Development, when Lucille 'goes downtown' to get Buster discharged from the marines (or something like that).
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I came in here to mention LOST as well. Watching this episode actually caused my sister to buy this song off of the iTunes Music Store, a fact about which I tease her incessantly.
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Waydowntown? Not really horror, but definitely surreal.
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You can find a list of at least some of the movies and television shows that is has played in here.
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Lost in Austen?
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Since you specified that it was a horror movie or TV show (a horror TV show? or just any TV show?), I just want to point out that one of the movies on the list I linked to is "Jaws II"
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This is played as background music in Fargo . . in the scene at the buffet, when Margie decides to go to Minneapolis (?).
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I think it was used in an episode of "Night Visions" on Fox a few years ago. Lou Diamond Phillips played a DJ and I think this was one of the songs used.
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It's totally Short Circuit 2.
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Could it have been the diner scene in Thirty-twoShort Films About Glenn Gould?
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My vote is also for Lost. The song was used throughout season 3 in dramatic scenes involving the character Juliet (including the opening scene of the season linked to above). It was in my head for weeks when I re-watched that season on DVD.
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My friend thanks you all for all your help. Apparently it ~was~ a Night Visions episode.
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