Where to stay in Denver (cheap and near cafes)?
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I'm going to Denver for a conference, Ap 30-May 4. I'm looking for an affordable hotel (less than $150/night), and it would be great if it were near cafes and public transportation. Know of any? And, if you have a favorite cafe, I'd love to know. All suggestions are appreciated.
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See previously.

As for cafes:

Falling Rock has one of the best beer selections of any bar, anywhere.

Watercourse and it's younger sister, City O' City, are good for organic hippie food with beer. Great pizzas.

Le Central for good french food.

The Columbine Lounge for steak (though it's a little more out of the way than others).

Crema for coffee-nerd coffee.

MeMail me if you want other details
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caraven_morhead, I saw that "previously" but it asked for a specific area of Denver AND none of the places suggested are actually in the price range.
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It would help to know where your conference is going to be.
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Jet Hotel has a room for $119/night during that period. I have no idea if this is a good place or not but I tend to lean towards boutique hotels while traveling. It is in LoDo (lower downtown) so it is near gobs of cafes and public transportation (market street station).

2nding to let us know when you determine where you will be staying and we can make specific cafe recommendations.
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FWIW, Capital Hill is close to public transit and cafes.
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More specifically: Market Street Station for buses and the train station for lightrail. See our public transportation webpage here.
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Not sure what part of town you want to be in, but check out The Curtis downtown. It a hotel with a lot of personality.

Lots of fun places downtown on the 16th St mall, and close to buses and commuter rail.
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The Curtis is cool.

I know this is probably not the answer you're looking for, but if the conference is in a hotel, do they have a conference rate? The last time I was in Denver I got a great (less than $150) rate at the (fancy and nice) conference hotel, and actually staying in the hotel where the conference is held is a big bonus for me. It helps facilitate networking opportunities etc. in my opinion; plus, you get to pop upstairs and change your clothes if you're totally over/under dressed. It's so much easier to stay in the conference hotel if that's an option.
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Thanks for all the recommendations so far. Keep them coming! The conference is at the Denver Convention Center. There are conference hotels, but the ones in my price range are booked. I don't need to be right near the Convention Center, by the way, which is why I didn't mention it in the first place. I'd rather be in an art district; a funky cafe district; or a dirty, smelly hippie district if such things exist in Denver. I'll be coming from NYC, in case that matters to anyone. Thanks again for your help.
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The Curtis, linked above, is super duper cool. Stayed there last June.
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I'm not sure what people liked about the Curtis. I stayed there for one night before moving to a large chain hotel (whose name I cannot remember) which while not "cool," was much much better and cleaner, and cost the same.

My room at the Curtis was dirty and small, the towels were wet and had brown stains on them that took multiple calls to the front desk from 8pm-1am to get replaced, and the 2-inch gap under the door and thin walls meant I didn't get any sleep.

Maybe things have improved in 2 years though.
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You might try priceline.com. In December, I got a room at the Hyatt at the Convention Center for $74, including the Priceline fee. (It would likely cost more now, though.)
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