Who will sew this wedding dress?
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Need recommendations for a dressmaker in Toronto.

Posting for a friend. Wedding is July 10th, she wants to have her dress made. A dressmaker who is also a pattern drafter or knows a pattern drafter would be great, but not necessary.

If you have direct experience with said dressmaker, fantastic. If you have pictures of said dressmaker's work, even better. If you are a dressmaker and can provide samples and testimonials of your work, tell me! But really, send any reasonable recommendation this way. The clock is ticking.
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From what I understand, lead time on a dress is usually six months, though sometimes places will do it significantly faster for a rush fee. Just to understand the question better - is your friend looking for someone who will design her dress, who will make it according to a pattern she already has, or is she just looking for a good dress store?
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The dress will be made from an existing pattern. Finding a dressmaker is first priority, then she can talk about whether or not it can be built from the base up in time or if she'll need to go with plan B and have an existing dress altered.
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Cindy's Alterations in Whitby has the skills certainly. I've used her for lots of things, and she always has wedding dresses under construction in her shop. She'd be a 30 to 40 minute drive, depending on where you are. Lovely person, too.
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If you can venture outside Toronto to Waterdown, I highly recommend Lisa van Hattem. I used her for alterations on my wedding dress (made by another dressmaker out West) and she was fantastic.
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