Online printers with reasonable prices and great service.
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What are some online commercial printers that have reasonable prices, but also have great customer service?

Vistaprint is completely out the window. Their prices are rock bottom because they are based out of the Bahamas. You can never get them on the phone.

Uprinting looks enticing, but when I called them the representative was not any more helpful than going on the website. Their online chat is not even operated by Uprinting. has been recommended to me by a several people I know, but their prices are much higher.

Any suggestions for great service and reasonable prices?
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I use these guys a lot, they've always been easy to reach on the phone and easy to work with.
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I've had great experiences with Low Price Print; they have low prices and nice print quality, and they've been my default printer for non-custom jobs (business cards and tri-fold brochures, mostly) for about four years.

Can't really speak too much about telephone support because I haven't needed it and I'm not much of a phone guy, but the few times I've needed to get in touch with someone there, they've been very responsive via email.
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I've been pleased with Jakprints.
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I always use, they're near me (los angeles, but they do ship), super cheap (I got 1000 6"x9" glossy cardstock flyers for less then 200 bucks), super fast (if you dont choose 'next day' it's usually ready the day after that), and their quality is amazing. they have photoshop templates for every product they sell and their color-matching is spot-on. nothing but pleased.
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Just for the record, VistaPrint is based in Lexington, MA. Their call center is simply in the Bahamas.
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I've been pleased so far - one job, 11 x 17 trifold full color glossy brochures - with Digital Room. I switched to them because Overnight Prints has the WORST customer service on the planet. They lost an order of mine and refused to work with me at all on resolving the issue. I did get a full refund but I also had no postcards, when what I really wanted was for them to do the damn job and comp me the rush shipping, which seemed reasonable.
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What is it that you are looking to print?

I use WHCC for my photos; I find their prices to be competitive (though not rock-bottom cheap) and the customer service to be phenomenal. Amazingly quick turnaround with typically free shipping, fast responses to customer inquiry, and I often get a tootsie pop in my shipment.
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Add one more for Fantastic quality, fantastic customer service, and great prices (pretty much the lowest I've seen anywhere).

Be warned that bulk printed goods are heavy, and will cost you a bit to ship to the East Coast -- NDF don't gouge on shipping, although I've placed orders from them where the shipping charges were greater than the actual cost of printing (which, for the record, was totally worth it, and still cheaper than doing the job locally)

Use WHCC for photos. They're borderline-obsessive about quality, and have stunningly good customer service. They're not the cheapest, but are well worth the extra cost.
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I've always had good experiences using Modern Postcard.
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