Sax version of Danny Boy on This American Life, by whom?
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This American Life music identification needed: I've looked in all the usual places.

This is probably really simple, and I just need the ears of someone with some actual knowledge.

The song I'm trying to identify is a breathy, slow saxaphone version of Danny Boy from 36:52 of the Unconditional Love episode of This American Life.

That page lists the song that comes right *before* it ("Loveless Town," Sarah Blust), but not the sax song after.

I know it's Danny Boy, but I'd like to know who's playing it, because the breathy sultriness of it stopped me in my tracks. I'd like to find more of that, if possible.

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I think I found it.

It's Ben Webster. It's on an old record called "King of the Tenors" - released on Verve, it looks like in 1954. It's available on iTunes. Here's the amazon link.

If you like that, you'll like all of Ben Webster. In a similar vein, you might like Dexter Gordon and Stan Getz as well.
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If any question remains, hit up Jessica Hopper, who does music for the show. She'd probably know. Google the name and you'll find her blog and email address.
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