Group shoots or general tips for a new model? (DC)
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Group shoots in the DC area, or general safety/learning tips for a model just starting out?

A friend of mine wants to start getting into modeling. Her professional expectations seem realistic, she's not planning to necessarily make a career out of it but wants to try it out and see how good a fit it is. Problem is, she's never modeled before and doesn't know any of the ropes, and is dwelling on a lot of worst-case scenarios (going to a home shoot and being abducted, for example) without knowing how realistic they are. She's currently getting contacts through modelmayhem, a model/photographer networking site; which would seem to mitigate a lot of the risks compared to just answering ads on craigslist. She's also considering bringing a friend to shoots, but is reluctant to put someone else in danger.

The first question is this: in Seattle I remember there was a local Flickr group that would organize "garage shoots" with lots of models and photographers, which seemed like a great way to hone skills (on both sides of the camera) while enjoying safety in numbers. Does anyone know if there's anything like that in the DC area that she might be able to take advantage of?

More generally, any advice for a new model, either direct tips for keeping herself safe, or suggestions for ways to learn the profession from scratch, would be welcome.

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A few friends are models here in NYC. They have told me that it is standard practice to bring a friend along to a photo shoot if they don't know the photographer or other people involved.
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