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i'm trying to transfer contacts from a nokia E51 to a blackberry.

i have a mac. i tried isync and it says that the E51 is not compatible. I tried sending the contacts as business cards but the phone doesn't seem to be capable of sending that many at the same time and selecting a couple of contacts is way too tedious. could somebody please suggest a relatively quick way of doing this?
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Maybe there's a plugin for iSync for the e51?
posted by dance at 11:49 AM on March 18, 2010

Sync the phone with bluetooth and do a phone book transfer (its a standard bluetooth profile). Use the blackberry desktop app to sync back to the new phone.
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found the plug-in. can't believe it was that simple.
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sorry, i was editing that comment while i posted it by accident. i found the plug-in but isync still says the device is not compatible
posted by niyati182 at 11:55 AM on March 18, 2010

Do you use Gmail? If you can get the E51 to sync with google, then you can sync your blackberry back to google and hey presto, you're in business.
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There's two methods that will definitely work, if your Blackberry is linked to Outlook or Exchange Server:

1) Install Nokia PC Suite (free), and you can sync your E51 with Outlook via Bluetooth, IRDA or USB

2) Install Nokia Mail for Exchange (also free) directly to the phone, and you can sync your E51 with any Microsoft ActiveSync compliant mail server, including Google Mail and any Exchange Server.

Make sure you specify which source (phone or email) takes precedence. Make sure you specify to only sync contacts, if that is your intention.
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There's also the last-resort method of using the SIM card (assuming your Blackberry is a GSM model) as a transfer medium, but you lose a lot of metadata that way.
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I'm sorry, I did not read your question Nokia PC Sync is out of the question.

Nokia Mail for Exchange will work, however, if your Blackberry is synched with a Microsoft Exchange Server. If you have no Exchange Server, you can use GMail (as Medieval Maven suggested) as an intermediary as they have implemented the ActiveSync protocol.
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seems there was some sort of bug in my nokia. needed to use the sim card but its done. thank you so much.
posted by niyati182 at 5:22 AM on March 23, 2010

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