Hot town, summer in the city... back of my brain getting programming smartsy
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Looking for great month-long summer courses in NYC? Particularly in intro to javascript, iphone dev, or ... marketing.

I'll be in New York this summer for several weeks, and I'd love to enroll in some sort of month-long continuing education course.

Here's my ideal scenario:
- August-long (flexible)
- Intensive and reputable
- <$1500 (might have to be flexible?)
- An introduction to web or computer programming (javascript, python, objective-c, cocoa...) for an advanced non-programmer.
- Advanced theory/practice courses on marketing and branding businesses.

I've started looking at some of the obvious SVA/NYU-type places, but I'd love personal recommendations, experiences, and stories of inspiration.

Thanks for your directions and advice!
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(i think there should be a rule that if your question doesn't get any answers, you don't have to wait a week to post again... ):
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I agree with your rule.
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