Solo in Vegas
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Things to do in Las Vegas when you are alone

Here for three days for a conference. I don't know anyone here, or any extra curricular conf activities. Any ideas for fun things to do here (besides gambling)
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Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum is a hoot. Take your camera. Wayne Newton is playing at the Tropicana.
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Rides on the top of the Stratosphere. Take the Deuce bus around the strip. Go to the mall. Check out a movie. Wander around to the different hotels/casinos and just browse. Check out restaurants. Arrange a Grand Canyon tour or other touristy tour.
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Stock up on water, rent a car, and drive out for a day hike at Red Rock Canyon. A beautiful break from the strip, and well worth the cost of the car. I did this the last time I went solo to a conference in LV and it was fabulous.
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If you're hitting Red Rock Canyon, check out the Valley of Fire too.
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If you have a car drive out to Hoover Dam. Worth seeing and it is not that far.

Vegas is really idea for a solo person. See some shows (tickets for day shows are cheep), and wander around the hotels.

Ride the NYNY roller-coaster, see the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Tank, seconding Madame Tussauds, go see the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Natural History, the Pinball Hall of Fame Museum, go wander along Freemont St at night (a little trashy, but still fun), and the The King's Ransom Museum is awesome if you love Elvis like I do.
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Walking up and down the Strip going into each of the major casino-hotels to see the sights is a lot of fun, whether you're with someone or not. Don't walk north of the Wynn/Encore, though, it gets really sketchy up there.


Upon checking out your MetaFilter history, I'm up for playing tour guide one evening (I live here) if we can chat SharePoint for a bit. I'll MeMail you my number.
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Thanks cor the suggestions. Sadly the car is out, and I've been to mme toussauds (in DC) before. I guess I'll go wander the strip for now and maybe look for a show for tomorrow.
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There's a pretty interesting car collection on the strip...
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Trained cats!
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If I'm out there for a conference, I like walking up and down the strip checking out the sights. I am alternately fascinated and appalled.
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Dude — trained cats!
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The strip is absolutely fantastic people watching.

Touring the architecture of some of the more themed hotels can be interesting a very surreal.
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When in doubt, turn to the natives. If you have some idea what you might be interested in doing (music venues that aren't "clubs", good meals on or off the strip, hiking/biking/running, or whatever else), most of the folks that live in town are more than happy to point out options. I've gotten great steers from the dealers and players in the poker rooms, cab drivers, clerks of various stripes, bartenders, and others. Long as you aren't holding up a line, seems like most folks jump at the chance to talk about something other than the usual tourist traps.

If still in doubt, just dine and dine well :)
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Atomic Testing Museum
Lotus of Siam
Hoover Dam if you have time for a day trip
The Stratosphere observation deck at sunset
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I lived in Vegas for about 20 years, and if you're stuck on the strip you can pretty just meander and see THE! BIG! FREE! ATTRACTION! at every casino and that would take up quite a bit of time. I always love going back to the Forum Shops- that place alone will kill a whole day.

Just be mindful of what area of the strip you are wondering to- the closer you get to the Stupak Stump (The Stratopshere) the less you want to be that person wondering around alone. Other idea: keep your head down- you have no idea how much money/jewelry/etc I found in my years on the strip because everyone is so busy looking up and being drunk that they didn't notice all the stuff they were dropping.

Also- the movie theater downtown runs 24/7.
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"the movie theater downtown runs 24/7."

If you're referring to the one in Neonopolis, that closed a while a back.
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What shemol said!
Also, check out the new City Center development. It's cool.
And if you like cocktails, head to the Fontana Bar at Bellagio. If Diane is there, she is one of the best bartenders I know. I park my rear there for a while each visit to Vegas.
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Jacqueline- no, I meant the UA theater, but upon search it looks like they aren't 24/7 now. Sorry!
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There is an amazing aquarium at Mandalay Bay. I was stuck in Vegas for a week with a nine-month old baby (a lot like being there alone, except, you know, with less free will) and the aquarium saved my sanity a couple of times.
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I know you said no gambling. butbutBUT!

I get sooo bored gambling, usually. But I really like one kind: $1 Blackjack at Slots-A-Fun right on the strip on unpopular hours. Mid-days during the week should be pretty cheap. I don't know the hours by heart. But it's a pretty fun time to sit there chatting with the other characters who like low, low-stakes games.

Basically, so many of the attractions in Vegas cost a lot... $10+ for a roller coaster ride, etc. Cheap blackjack is a bargain to me.
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If you're willing to drop the cash, Cirque's Ka was the most amazing thing I have ever seen with my eyeballs.
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Pinball hall of fame

So much money spent there.

So much fun had.
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You're probably already gone, but for future reference there's an art gallery in the Venetian that's worth a couple of hours. I think they also offer an audio guide. I think the Bellagio also has one.
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