Can I add a fan to my gas oven to make it convection?
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I want to add a fan to a gas oven to make it work like a convection oven.

We have a gas cooking range that has a conventional (non-convection) oven. I would like to turn it into a convection oven by adding a fan to move the air around. Hopefully this will give a more even heat distribution; I've added a few firebricks at the bottom of the oven to try to make the heat more even, but it's still not too good.

Does anyone know where I can get a high-temperature fan, preferably one that runs on 12 volts?

I experimented with some fans from a computer but they quickly failed.

The fans used on top of wood stoves will not work, as they rely on a temperature difference to generate a small electrical current, and I cannot count on that difference reliably existing in my stove.
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Best answer: I think this is a bad idea. I recently conducted some forensic testing on an oven that was a first generation convection for it's model. Basically they did what you want to do, slapped a fan into a normal gas oven.

Doing so however had a few unintended consequences. The air movement actually made a "cool" spot near the thermostat, so the oven regularly overshot its set temp by 150 degrees or more, and stayed there. This high temperature actually heated up the gas control valve above it's recommended operating temperature, which is a Very Bad Thing.

Also, using the broiler and the fan simultaneously created an amazing amount of carbon monoxide exhausting into the room. As a guide, your CO detector will go off at 35 ppm. 70-100 overnight may kill you. This oven was regularly outputting 5,000-7,500 ppm. Into a small kitchen. Yeah, scary.

So I wouldn't do it.
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Response by poster: You convinced me. Thank you.

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That is the kind of answer that makes me love this website.
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Heh, I agree. Sometimes things just line up right and the question just gets hit out of the park on the first swing.
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In addition to sanka's authoritative answer, I'll just mention that the fan on my convection oven is pretty high-powered--per installation instructions, the oven is on its own circuit, in fact. I don't think you'd get that kind of flow with many 12-volt fans.
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