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Are there any blogs about open-source hardware/software products?

I'm interested in keeping in touch with the announcements of products that are, partially or fully, open source in implementation. Examples would be the Chumby, WikiReader, and maybe even talking about more controversial linux-based products like the TomTom devices. I'm aware of linux for devices, but this has a slant towards non-end-user devices and seems to have a lot of fluff. What else is there? There must be something cool, like an engadget for open things?
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I'm not entirely sure if this will be what you're looking for, but it sort of sounds like Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories might work for you.
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LWN includes a "Press Coverage"/"Announcements" section that often mentions new open-source-powered devices (such as an Archos tablet running Android and a motorcycle with "a touchscreen dash powered by Ubuntu").
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Answering my own question, somewhat - openMaterials fills this void a little bit, but it's still pretty unfilled. Also hackaday has somewhat sold out, but is something.
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