Benny & Joon-filter: "Sit down, son. You're making me nervous."
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In the movie Benny & Joon, Julianne Moore as Ruthie says, "Sit down, son. You're making me nervous." Is that line from another movie? The way she says it sounds like something Humphrey Bogart might say.
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Sounds like a Foghorn Leghorn line to me, but I would need to hear how she delivers it...
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It's not an exact match, but it's close in tone and spirit to the old W.C. Fields one-liner "Go away, kid, you bother me," usually delivered while performing or speechifying to some kid who was getting in his space. I can't find a good example of him saying it on YouTube, but it became a common trope, especially in cartoons. You can hear a huckster say something similar at 2:40 in this 1936 cartoon ("Don't lean on the platform, son, you bother me"), and as crequis pointed out it was a favorite of Foghorn Leghorn.
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W.C. Fields, but I haven't found the quote yet...
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Sounds like Foghorn Leghorn to me as well. Haven't seen the movie in ages so can't remember how the line is said.
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Response by poster: She says it about 8:40 in this video:
YouTube - Benny and Joon (Movie) Part 6 of 12

Thanks, guys!
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I immediately thought of WC Fields.
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My mom has been saying that exact thing my whole life, and I'm pretty sure she's never seen Benny & Joon.

My mom was raised in Northern Missouri/Southern Illinois, could it be a regional thing?
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My mom was raised in Northern Missouri/Southern Illinois, could it be a regional thing?

Whoa, I have a friend who dad says this exact phrase all the time, which is why I clicked through. He grew up in rural Missouri, it must be regional. In fact, "Sit down, you're making me nervous," (sans son) is such a common phrase I assumed everyone said it, I did not know it was a regional thing.
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I agree that it sounds like a Bogart quote. Benny and Joon being one of my favorite movies, I too have always wondered where she got that quote. A Google search brings this list, but the closes it gets to that line is from Le notti di Cabiria (1957)
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I always took it as an antiquated thing that people say. Like, "Take off your coat and stay a while."
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I couldn't find any exact matches, but by eliminating the "son" part, here are some movies that feature some version of the line "Sit down, you're making me nervous."
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