The Aspirational 'Stache
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I want a very realistic fake mustache. Where can I buy, or how can I make such a thing? I've searched on the internet, and all of the mustaches I've seen seem like fake novelty costume pieces.
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talk to a costume designer at you local opera house?
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Stage moustaches from a costume shop, applied with spirit gum, are quite realistic until you get pretty close.
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Look into making a request via the movie industry, they have lots of people that have to create realistic add-ons.

Was going to suggest just growing your own, but I see you're female.

Maybe try to find some clear double-sided tape, trim off some of your own hair and stick it on.
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For an effective fake mustache you really have to build it from scratch. For that you need to go to a place that sells stage makeup, get some spirit gum, and some fake hair and just glue it on a few pieces at a time. Here's a Youtube video demonstration.
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My drag king friends use their own hair from their heads plus spirit gum. It's time consuming.
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2nding cmoj and wabbitwax... this is the way to go. plus you can very effectively match your natural beard/hair color....
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I've seen someone trying on a very realistic looking fake moustache at a local wig shop. It's a high end shop with realistic looking wigs probably aimed at cancer patients and the like. So that may be another idea to try.
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I have bought realistic fake mustaches and beards at Party City, surprisingly enough. They're the kind made of human hair with netting underneath. You can trim them (within reason). You attach them with spirit gum.
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The key phrase to look for is "lace back". Fake mustaches on a lace back can be attached to the face but your own skin shows through beneath. You can order human hair ones from specialty shops or online. Really though, the most realistic ones are built up one hair at a time with spirit gum like what is described upthread. You can very very carefully tint latex to match your skin, build a mustache on top of that latex backing, and then take the whole thing off even more carefully and preserve it for reuse, but normally you build them with spirit gum for each performance or occasion. The trick is to apply the hair long, and then trim to the right length and shape after the fact. You can use your own hair, or buy fake hair for this purpose that you apply in little tufts.
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Before you use spirit gum, apply witch hazel to all areas. You do not want to see the kind of hell spirit gun plays on large pores.
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