Simple guys 60's outfit?
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Quick and simple "60's" outfit for a guy who has to go to a theme party. Any ideas??
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A suit and tie?
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Tie dyed T-shirt, bell bottom jeans (bonus points if you fringe out the cuffs and sew on some patches and peace sign emblems strategically), and a head band. Maybe, some stoner sunglasses and some beads or leather bracelet flair.
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Plaid pants and matching polo. The pants must be ridiculous. Whether they be plaid, or velvet, or bellbottoms. That works the best.

If it can be more casual, you can get some bellbottom jeans a a tie-dye tshirt. That's easy.
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Nehru shirt, if you can find one, would be the epitome of mid-60s cool. I was around in the 60s. Most guys dressed like dorks. If you were cool, you wore jeans (bell bottoms or flairs, but straight legs were ok, if the jeans were cool), a flowery shirt, desert boots, chunky belt. A lot of what we consider 60s clothes are really early 70s.
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I wouldn't go with a suit unless you have a very slim fitting one. Menswear in the 60's was really bright and psychedelic, think prints, like paisley. And for fabrics, if you have anything corduroy or synthetic, that would be 60's.
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Bell bottom jeans, Nehru jacket, peace sign medallion, platform shoes. Possibly granny glasses as well
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Army fatigues
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If you don't own a poncho you can buy a tacky, colorful tablecloth and cut a hole for your head in the center.
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A 60s suit is grey, single breasted, two-buttoned, has a narrow collar and is worn with a skinny dark tie and flat front suit pants. Like this guy.
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I think you should go for a 1960's surfer pop look, something like the Beach Boys.

Wear a short sleeved button down shirt, with or without a v-neck sweater, regular jeans and then part your hair on the side and use some pomade to slick it down. If you're worried that people won't 'get it' you could always carry a surfboard or a guitar. Or just wear a lei. All night ask the girls if they're from California.
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Most authentic answers so far from Civil_Disobedient and TooFewShoes (note that tie-die didn't go mainstream until 1970). Nehru jacket; yes, if you could find one... for the best surfer look, a Henley shirt (no collar, just piping) but again, good luck finding one -- and will anybody at your party be as picky as me? I'd just get a narrow tie and wear it with a dark suit.
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Borrow a patterned scarf, or pick one up at Goodwill, to tie around your head. A costume store might have sunglasses, or round (harry potter) hippie glasses. Get some ratty jeans, and fringe the bottoms. Add a poncho, and go barefoot. Flash the peace sign a lot. Hippie beads would help.
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