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I will be working behind a bar at a 60's themed art opening... So what should I wear?

Longer version is that at the coffee shop I work at there's an art opening next friday with a 60s mod theme---with a beatles tribute band, of course---and I figure that I should dress up, but I have no idea how. I've never been great at coming up with costumes, nor was I around at the time.

So what easy, cheap costume ideas are there out there for me? I would prefer something that I'm not wildly concerned if it gets trashed over the night, too.
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Response by poster: Perhaps I should add that I'm a slender male of medium height.
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Stream of conciousness list. (I was around then!) Choose from among the following:

Round-framed glasses, tie-dye anything, love beads, peace sign and zodiak necklaces or dog-tags, bell-bottom pants, colorful paisley shirt, colorful puffy shirt, open colorful or fringed suede vest or fringed jacket, sandals (if anyone will see your feet), a thick leather wrist-band or watch-band, a colorful silk scarf tied at the neck (guys and gals both), floppy wide-brimmed hat, wide leather belt with metal grommets, shoulder length or longer wig (guys or gals).

Peace, man.
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I like what Jerry Lewis is wearing in this YouTube clip, and it looks like something one might be able to throw together from one's closet or with a quick trip to a resale shop. He has a scarf like The Deej mentions. The guy i the beige turtle neck and jacket looks nice too.

Have fun!
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I dunno, but what Deej recommends is 60s Hippy not 60s Mod.

Mod is Austin Powers and Twiggy. Carnaby Street and Mary Quant. There's a good description on Wikipedia.

Check this out.
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Actually, my list comprises both hippy and mod. Choose what you like.
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"There was a very general breakdown of cliques within the Mod culture, into three loosely defined groups:
the mainstream Mods, the Scooter Boys, and the Hard Mods.
Mainstream Mods entertained most styles of the subculture from time to time, but generally dressed in Italian
silk suits with narrow lapels. Colours ranged from grey and black to brown, red and green. Drainpipe
trousers were cut above the ankle to reveal Italian tasseled loafers for basket-weave casuals, usually with
pointed toes. Ties were always very thin and usually black, worn around the necks of button-down shirts.
Turtlenecks were also popular in wool or cashmere, as were crew-neck and V-neck sweaters and polo knit
shirts buttoned to the throat, with horizontal stripes being the preferred pattern. Hair was razor-short and
often topped with a black bowler. Mods sported dark glasses, in keeping with the ‘cool’ image.

Scooter Boys opted for a more casual attire, wearing anoraks and Army parkas for warmth. Shrink-to-fit
Levis were popular with the Mods, often in black. Like the mainstream Mods, Scooter Boys donned sweaters
of wool or cashmere, but paired them up with plaid or checked trousers. They also outfitted their scooters,
dressing them up with mirrors, head-lights and fog lamps around the handlebars.

Hard Mods, a group that gradually evolved into Skinheads, were aggressively working class males who
wore mainly jeans and work boots. Doc Martens were and are a popular work boot due to their exceptional
strength and fit."

from A Concise History of the
British Mod Movement
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>Hair was razor-short and often topped with a black bowler.

Nonsense. Whoever wrote that has no idea what a bowler hat is. I think in the USA a bowler is called a "derby"? That's exactly what the fuddy-duddy older generation would have been wearing.

A Pork Pie hat makes a lot more sense.

Apart from that one glitch, that post is pretty good. It's all about restraint, sharpness, understatement, in reaction to the florid "Ted" or "Rocker" (Elvis-like) look of the fifties. Thin lapels, skinny tie, stick to black and white. Anything Italian was very hip in the UK at the time, including this newfangled espresso coffee.

And, sorry Deej, but you're completely confused and I strongly advise the OP to ignore your suggestions.

Can you track down the movie Quadrophenia in time, vernondalhart? That's your best bet for visuals. Plus, bonus appearance of a very young Sting.
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"I think in the USA a bowler is called a "derby"?"

Not really, though they are the same thing. They're usually called bowlers, and John Steed would be the mod icon who wore one (though he was a bit elderly).
Check out the High Numbers' (later The Who) song "The Face" for mod style advice.
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Hmmm, I don’t think the point is to win a “technical definition of mod” contest. It’s a party. As such, I wouldn’t go understated. But the OP will choose what he likes.
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