Looking for old issues of Muscle and Fitness (July-Sept 2001).
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Can someone help me track down Muscle and Fitness's first Rock Hard Challenge workout? It ran in the July - September 2001 issues.

I thought of trying my local library but it maintains online text copies of the magazine from November 2001 to the present. I've google-fu'd this to death without any luck. If it's any help, the author was Mark Casselman.
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Does your local library offer interlibrary loan?
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Response by poster: I'll find out. It's the Toronto Library.
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I just looked it up in Factiva. They have the text of the Mark Casselman's article and a "Rock-Hard Diet" article as well. They don't have the actual workout, which must have run as mostly images. You'll need to find a hard-copy of the original magazine I think.
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