Can you suggest some good new music?
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My Ipod is hungry again for some new music. I like pretty much everything, so I am up for anything. What have you been listening to lately?
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Random selection of albums I've been enjoying lately:

M83 - Before the Dawn Heals Us
Bright Eyes - both new albums
Augie March - Strange Bird
Kashmir - Zitilites
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Prediction: largest askme thread ever.

That said: JESUS, where to start. I mean, are you looking for semi-obscure stuff? I think a great place to start is Pitchfork's Best New Music section. Check the archives too.
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The Arcade Fire - Funeral
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

They're two of the "hype-bands" right now, but they are also 100% awesome, so don't listen to anyone who says otherwise.
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Damon Albarn: Democrazy
De-Phazz: Daily Lama, Godsdog, Death By Chocolate
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Yeah, that Arcade Fire record is absolutely a gorgeous little thing! Ignore the hype, get the record, fall in love!

I also keep listening to Lusine's Serial Hodgepodge and when I am weepingly oh so heartbrokeningly sad, The Dead Texan.
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Response by poster: Just to spice thing up - I read pitchfork (well, I don't actually read it - but I pay attention to it), and I keep up with all the newest music as much as I can. So your picks - what kind of music / what does it sound like / choice tracks / etc. etc.

I've been listening to the LCD Soundsystem album for the last three weeks, but I am kind of burned out on it now.
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Gilbert & Sullivan operas
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Ray LaMontagne - Trouble
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Some recent new-to-me stuff that I like: Nourallah Brothers, Rilo Kiley, Clare Fader, La Llorona.
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Heh. Lately I've been listening to Sirius satellite radio's "Easy Listening" channel. Feeling up for some Lionel Richie and Richard Marx?
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Well then I second the new Bright Eyes album(s), and the last two as well for that matter. I also really enjoyed the Arcade Fire album and the Say Anything album. Some more recent picks off the top of my head at work (not necessarily all that new, but what I'm listening to):

1. Elliot Smith - From A Basement On A Hill (and all the old ones of course)
2. Interpol - Antics
3. Jim Guthrie - Now, More than Ever
4. The Killers - Hot Fuss (poppy I know, but so damn addictive)
5. Kings of Covenience - Riot On An Empty Street (and Quiet Is The New Loud)
6. Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News (all over the radio now but doesn't change the fact that album kicks ass)
7. Patrick Park - Lonliness Knows My Name (old but always in rotation)
8. Pinback - Summer In Abaddon
9. Rogue Wave - Out Of The Shadow
10. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Shake the Sheets (and Hearts of Oak)
11. The Thrills - So Much For the City (the new one's good too, but can't match this first effort)
12. The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site (and Left and Leaving)

Those are in rotation right now...I unequivocally recommend all of them.
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Cass McCombs' new cd PREfection is likely the best thing you'll listen to this year. Here a few of his mp3's here.
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Response by poster: Feeling up for some Lionel Richie and Richard Marx?


Favorite Richard Marx song: Hazzard.
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Alternative Country or Bluegrass is always okay. Take a listen to WZBC 10am-2pm on Sundays. If you're crafty stream rip it and separate it into tastey audiophonic treats..
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-Damon Albarn — Democrazy
-Nick Drake — Pink Moon
-Beta Band — The Three EPs
-Super Furry Animals — Guerrilla
-ElliotT Smith — everything of his

None of these are actually new, but I've been going back through my library recently and listening to stuff I had forgotten about (apart from E.Smith).
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The Arcade Fire is a winner. (Catch the video of them from Conan last night, Or email me and I'll tell you where to find it. Their live show adds so much to the music.)

Brazilian Girls. Little Wings. The Blow. Mirah. All are quite sock rocking.
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Rotating right now:

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Abattoir Blues / Lyre of Orpheus
The Life Aquatic OST
The Decemberists, Picaresque
The Pogues, Rum, Sodomy & The Lash
Tom Waits, Real Gone
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Seu Jorge's Portuguese covers of Bowie tunes on the Life Aquatic soundtrack are also fun to hear
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Hail to the bloggers -- check the latest via or webNymph.

I've currently got about 20 hours of music in my "not-listened-to-yet" folder. Listen to a track, and if you like the artist, buy the disc. From here, my "batting average" (i.e. % of files I do not trash after listening) is quite high.

Also try subscribing to some podcasts.

There's more great music out there now than you will ever have time to listen to.
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Sarah Slean
Aimee Mann
David Francey
Hawksley Workman
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TV on the Radio, here's Staring at the Sun [mp3, 5.5MB]
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The Buggles, The Age of Plastic. This is the album "Video Killed the Radio Star" was off of -- a great science-fiction song if you strip away all the cultural baggage. And the album wonderfully highlights that brief moment between the '70s and the '80s. It's like being in a Phillip K. Dick novel.

Stevie Wonder, Talking Book

Bright Eyes, I'm Wide Awake It's Morning (what a beautiful fucking album)

Antipop Consortium, Arrhythmia (best hip-hop I've heard in awhile)
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The Secret Machines make good music. However, their website is flashy, loud, and likes to change its size.
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The Go! Team blew me away after I found it on Pitchfork's best of the year list. Check out the video! (quicktime)

Discovered Covered. Various folks covering Daniel Johnston songs. It's a mixed bag. (I don't know who the Eels are, but they really missed the point of "Living Life".) When it's good it's really good, esp. Beck, TV on the Radio, Sparklehorse w/ Flaming Lips, and M Ward.
But it's not as good as K. McCarty's Dead Dog's Eyeball, the gold standard of Johnston covers.

Arhtur Russell's Calling Out of Context
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Been reaching back in time recently, with a lot of Yes, Grand Funk Railroad, and David Bowie. GFR's "Mean Mistreater" is unstoppable.
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I love the music threads because they expose me to such excellent new music.

That said, my few cents to add to the mix.

Love of the Loveless by the Eels
Action (Remix) by Nadine Sutherland
Bang Bang (I Shot My Baby Down) by Nancy Sinatra
Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!! by Minus the Bear
You Can Have It All by Yo La Tengo
Holilili Tula Baba Lullaby by Miriam Makeba.

And those are the quick ones to mind. I'll be back in here when I can get home and get a closer look at some of these tasty nuggets!
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Orphaned Land. Oh, it's good. Heavy, prog-metal stuff from Israel with tons of folk influence and absolutely godly intrumentation, all kinds of exotic acoustic instruments in the mix.
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The five discs in my changer now are really interesting. You may enjoy:

Various Artists - So Young But So Cold: Underground French Music 1977-1983
The Boredoms - Seadrum/House of Sun
Rosemary Clooney & Perez Prado - A Touch of Tabasco
Bell - Seven Types of Six
Cedric Brooks - Cedric Im Brooks & The Lights of Saba
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I've been entranced by Neko Case and the band that plays with her, The Sadies. Both have fantastic, but differing, country sounds. The New Pornographers also feature Neko Case but are a little poppier, if that suits your tastes better.

Last year's Fiery Furnaces (warning, site plays music) cd is really good; it got an obscene amount of press, but if you somehow missed it, it's worth a listen.

Kiddo is a tremendously fun pop band; I have to be in the mood for such pep but when I am, they really hit the spot.

Low Water and Newborn Naturals are two good ol' NYC rock bands with a tiny touch of the blues.

As far as older stuff that I've been listening to lately -- Louis Prima, (site plays music) The Ramones (so does this one)and Elvis Costello are almost always on my playlist.

I hope you discover something you love. Enjoy!
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Springsteen, baby!

I started with The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle, but that's more of a summer album.

And Neutral Milk Hotel. In An Aeroplane Over The Sea. Profound songs presented like in a dream.
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Traject - Strengir Hrynja
old school autechre sound (pre confield, post tri repetae).
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I've been listening to a lot of Stereolab's catalogue, as well as Pixie's Surfer Rosa over and over on repeat.

My newest obscure band is the semi-obscure Antibalas (sometimes Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra). They put most other musicians to shame.
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Bitpart, I thought I was the MeFite owning the rights to post The Boss in in any music related threads, dammit! However, I will forgive your faux pas this time.

For Quartermass, I recommend two of my other favorites from the '70s, two British bands with killer live albums:

Thin Lizzy, Live and Dangerous: The Cowboy Song always drives my motor! Phil Lynott, if he'd lived past the drugs that killed him, might have...

Be Bop Deluxe, Live in the Air Age: Before Bill Nelson got totally weird. Apparently now out of print but available at Amazon, and Tremulous Antenna has a similar set list made from a BBC radio broadcast. (All these links go to Nelson's own site and there is a huge amount of interesting content if you're, well, interested.)
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Pete Rock - Soul Survivor II
Beck - Stereopathic Soulmanure
Def Squad - Presents Erick Onasis
Dr. Dooom - First Come First Served
Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady
MF Doom - Metal Fingers Presents Special Blends
Four Tet - Rounds
Global Communication - Pentamerous Metamorphosis
Plaid - Double Figure
Anton Glamb - Anton Glamb! / Do It
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The original Chorus Line soundtrack (my 9-month old LOVES it). Lhasa "Living Road." And Leadbelly. Oh, and the Ukranian folk music I've just uploaded onto my ipod for an upcoming road trip w/ my mother-in-law (she's belorusian). Seriously. All this was in my cd-player just today.
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Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Please Describe Yourself
(They sound like something inbetween XTC and the Talking Heads)

Kings of Convenience - Riot on an Empty Street
(They sound like a modern Simon and Garfunkel: sad, minimalist and beautiful. They also put out one of the best-named albums in existence: Quiet Is The New Loud)

The Futureheads - The Futureheads
(Following in the steps of Franz Ferdinand, another really great dance-rock band)

The Hidden Cameras - Missisauga Goddam
(They sound like...uh...Interpol meets Oasis? Kind of? Maybe Blur meets the Beach Boys? I don't know, really.)
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i know they are everyones darlings right now, but i am ADDICTED to The Shins!

oh so good...get anything by them, and you will be rewarded with happiness.
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I've been rediscovering the classics of my youth. Currently in my car are Moondance by Van Morrison and Leftoverture by Kansas.
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futureheads, shins, mf doom, madvillian, handsome boy modeling school, manamid, rolling stones - let it bleed, franz ferdinand, trio, new de la soul, brian wilson's smile..

thats this week in a nutshell.
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Acoustic Delta Blues: "Praying on the Old Campground" by RL Watson and Johnny Woods
Blues: "Ain't Gwine to Whistle Dixie (Any Mo')" by Taj Mahal - Bass, horn section and whistling!
Country: Loretta Lynn's "Van Lear Rose"
"Another Travelin' Song" by Bright Eyes
"Old Time Pickin'" by Ralph Stanley
Jolie Holland
My Morning Jacket
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You can sample some Season to Risk here. There's a lot of 90's stuff out of Kansas City that is just awesome, if you're into it. It's kind of a subgenre of its own; not really emo, not really alternative. Some is very experimental. I'd recommend Shiner, as well as Molly McGuire's "Lime" album. And I always recommend Rush.

Self-link, but my (old) lists are all online, I'll answer any questions about any bands you may have heard of but want to know more about: CD | LP | mp3.
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After the tip-off to The Arcade Fire Vs. Conan O'Brian, I spent a very fruitful hour looking for live AF tracks.

Perhaps search for some live tracks by your favorite bands? It's always fun to see how they compare to the studio version.
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Indie rock sure has seemed to really take off in this new century. You never hear of it in the mainstream, but it consistently garners critical acclaim, as well as support in places like MeFi.

In a completely different vein, I'm currently addicted to Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough, an album from 2001.
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Old 97's-Too Far to Care Considered "alt-country." Excellent songwriting. Rockin' songs, songs to make your heart ache, perfect sing-along songs, & everything else you could want. I've converted some serious country-music hatin' friends of mine to Old 97's fandom. (I linked to one of their earlier CDs, but all of theirs are good. New listeners should start with their earlier stuff, though.)

Delays-Faded Seaside Glamour One of my favorite finds of last year. Listening to this CD instantly lifts my mood. It's very airy & light. Greg Gilbert's, the lead vocalist, voice is almost unbelievably feminine.

Phoenix-Alphabetical Laid-back pop that's kind of disco-ish with electronica thrown in. Very addictive.

Ditto on Elliott Smith & Ted Leo. You can never go wrong with either one of them.
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An all women Bulgarian Folk Choir and a Tuvan group (think Zen monks singing). Oh god, it's good.

Also, these (free) video game soundtracks.

And OC Remixes.
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Electric Six - Señor Smoke
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And OC Remixes.

I totally expected that site to feature a lot of Death Cab for Cutie and Eels remixes.

Favorite Richard Marx song: Hazzard.

oMg ThAt ViDeO wAs A mYsTeRy!11!!!!!!

(It's also a sweet track.)


My current, haphazard recommendations are:

Catherine Wheel - Adam and Eve
Killing Joke - Laugh? I Nearly Bought One!
Eels - Electro-Shock Blues
Circulatory System - s/t
Pop Will Eat Itself - This Is The Day...This Is The Hour...This is THIS!
Danny Elfman - The Hulk (OST)
Ghost - Hypnotic Underworld
Hans Zimmer et al. - Hannibal (OST)
Sage Francis - A Healthy Distrust

Just from the top o' me head.
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Sticherbest - how about metal & ocarina music combined? (zelda based)
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"A state of trance"; Regular radio show mixed by Armin van Buuren. Though it's getting jerked around at the moment.
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Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited – Chamunorwa
Tanita Tikaram – Lovers in the City (or any other)
Harv – Töst!
Hedningarna – Karelia Visa (or any other)
Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs
Lemon Jelly – Lost Horizons or
Don Ellis – Live at Montreux (or any other)
Gjallarhorn – Sjofn (or any other)
Vince Guaraldi – Greatest Hits
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I heartily second both Bright Eyes and Rilo Kiley [who, btw have recorded with Bright Eyes].
hint: watch the video on the Rilo Kiley site, it's a hoot.
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I've been slowly working through some of Magnatune's catalog, which is available under a Creative Commons license. I've found their collection of classical music, especially string quartets, piano concertos and celtic inspired pieces, to be a great free way to sample composers that I would otherwise not buy. And my favorite so far of their World music is Jesse Manno's Opium.
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Get some Sizzla! Esp. "Come on"
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Annie, Anniemal. Some tracks sound a bit like Kelis but a lot more catchy and not as vulgar. It's like a party in my ears that never stops! (Or something like that. Hey, I'm a librarian, not a music reviewer...)

Sufjan Stevens, Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lakes State. Music that attempts--and often succeeds--in capturing the mood of a specific place and time. Kinda like Bright Eyes, only more talented an not as overhyped. He has a newer album that's also very good.

Count me in for another Arcade Fire vote. And I third (or fourth, or whatever) the suggestion to read Pitchfork. Pretentious as all hell, but particularly useful if you're into the Interpol/Shins/Arcade Fire thing.
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Anything and everything by moe. (jamband/rock/synth/americana) including side projects by moe. bandmembers like Al & The Transamericans or Al Schnier's solo electronica stuff. Awesome.
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the new Erasure, and newish Paul Weller and Ian McCullogh, and old Miriam Makeba, and the Comfortstand/comfort cake artists
posted by amberglow at 7:18 AM on February 3, 2005

Trust me on this one:
Stars - Set Yourself On Fire. Excellent stuff. Also check out their earlier albums, Heart and Nightsongs.
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Alright, I've got one for you. Download the songs "Windrider" and/or "Test of Time" by Ensiferum. You'll be glad you did.
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Music that is non-new but timeless: Love, "Forever Changes," and The Action, "Rolled Gold." Sixties psychedelicized pop melody harmony guitar delights.
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"...the last American band to get played on the radio"...
Not new, but oh-so-fresh ... X, who just kicked it in SF at a fantastic show, rumored to be touring together later this year (if Mr. Billy Zoom's agoraphobia continues to be properly calibrated). Pick anything at all from Wild Gift, Los Angeles, More Fun in the New World, Unclogged, See How We Are, Under the Big Black Sun and just drive!
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furious blush - YES - the new Stars album hasn't settled in on me yet, but I love the others

amberglow - do you like the new Erasure album? I took one listen and was thoroughly saddened. I think they jumped the sonic shark a couple of albums ago

I'm also rediscovering Kate Bush - Hounds of Love lately

Also also:

The Postal Service - Give Up
Rufus Wainwright - Poses; Want One
Philip Glass - Solo Piano
Rachel Goswell - Waves Are Universal
The Cardigans - Long Gone Before Daylight (I cannot say enough about this album)
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Lately I've been going back in time for my "what's new" fix, and I have to say it's been a very rewarding strategy. Sometimes I'm just struck by the same-y-ness of the sounds of now, and so I'll pick a different time period and explore that. Currently, I can't get enough of the classic Motown (I started with the Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 box set as a primer). There has been a lot of dancing in the apartment that I'm sure the neighbors love. I am now ramping up greater interest in early garage rock and bubblegum pop. While the garage rock stuff has always been around me and recognized as a root of most of what I'm primarily into, I never really explored it in great detail. Bubblegum pop, on the other hand, I made fun of in its 80s/90s form and never saw the connections between it and, say, the Ramones. Go back far enough, and I'm seeing those connections now and the exploration is fascinating.

Of music on a more recent note, a friend of mine sent me some Kittitas, who I had never heard before. I listened to the music before researching the band and described it as a little Screaming Trees with touches of the Afghan Whigs with a little northwest indie-punk all kind of recycled in an interesting way. Lo' there is an ex-member of Screaming Trees and a brother of the Conner trees as well as an ex-Seaweed member in the band (no whigs though). If that's an appealing thing, it looks like they have plenty of samples on the link.
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Response by poster: I am just going to add a few here that were e-mailed to me, to make them available to everyone.

The Game - Documentary (especially the track "Love it or Hate it" featuring 50 Cent)

Garden State Soundtrack ("The "Graduate" for our times!!!)

Bloc Party

Chad Vangaalen - Infiniheart (I checked this out, and I have to say it is really, really good. Plus he's a Calgarian, and I am too. Sort of. Not really).

The "new" (i.e. unreleased and leaked on file sharing networks) Daft Punk album. I "aquired" this, and am pretty impressed - "I AM THE BRAAIIIINNNNWAAASHHHHERRRRR")

Lots and lots of great suggestions. Thanks to everyone. (I downloaded me some Richard Marx - that shit is good for the soul. But callicles wins the prize for turning me on to my new favorite album!
posted by Quartermass at 9:33 AM on February 3, 2005

I'm madly in love with Amanda and Abby:

The Ditty Bops

Pure female harmony-so, not everyone's cup of tea, but it's a little country, bluegrass, folk and even a little Andrews Sisters wrapped up in one. I find it very uplifting.

Mitchell Froom produced their debut record, which is available to stream in its entirety on the site.

Hope you like!
posted by OneOliveShort at 10:25 AM on February 3, 2005

the elysian fields and curve always get lots of play on my winamp. lately, i've been listening to echo & the bunnymen flowers and mick harvey's pink elephants a lot.
posted by crush-onastick at 10:44 AM on February 3, 2005

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Worlds Apart
Rise Against - Siren Song Of The Counter Culture
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