Well designed t-shirts for the liberal gentleman?
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I'm looking for stylish, well-designed Democrat / liberal / left-wing t-shirts.

I can find a lot of shoddy or ugly looking ones. I'm looking for something with a little more vintage / thrift-shop vibe. Shirts that are less strident and more tongue-in-cheek and/or humorous would be ideal.
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Best answer: Northern Sun
posted by amyms at 11:32 AM on February 25, 2010

I have always been fond of Republicans for Voldemort.
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both, but it's a good one.
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Unemployed Philosopher's Guild mainly do everything but T-shirts but this one might be up your street.
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I kind of like this one for the anti-war angle.
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Mostly for babies and kids, but they have a couple of adult shirts too, Tiny Revolutionary is one of my favorite companies to hit up for gift giving.
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If you live near a Marc by Marc Jacobs store, they carry this gay rights/Obama shirt I really like. I just bought it for my sister, actually, it's very high quality and the cut is flatteringly unisex.
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Northern Sun has very good quality items, in my experience.
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Best answer: Demockratees
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Not overtly Democratic but this is good if you live in California.
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Best answer: Retro Campaigns isn't strictly Democratic, but, well, you can get shirts for all manner of Kennedys, McGovern, Humphrey, Gene McCarthy...
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I don't have a recommendation for a vendor unless you make your own on Zazzle, but my favorite slogan is "Nobody ever says, 'Now that's a hot piece of elephant!'"
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Syracuse Cultural Workers has a pretty wide selection.
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I'm a fan of the vintage vibe at the Project for the Old American Century. "It's not Fascism - when WE do it." My personal favorite.
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Response by poster: mikesch pretty much nailed the design and vibe i'm looking for, if not the exact content... I've marked a few as best and will keep checking in. Thanks!
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