Want durable, well fitting custom T-shirts
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I need custom T-shirts that are durable and don't fit funny.

Anyone know of a place online where I can order custom T-shirts that are durable and fit the way they're supposed to?

Otherwise I might have to buy high quality plain T-shirts and take them to a local shop to have custom designs printed onto them.
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What brands of T-shirts do you deem suitable? I like Gildan, myself, but I'm a man of low tastes.
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Your first step is to figure out which T-shirts are durable and don't fit funny to you. American Apparel? Tultex?

What quantity of shirts do you need? And a lot of times, when accounting for shipping, a local shop's prices will be better, so that's actually not a bad idea.
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American Apparel is pretty much my go-to for comfortable, durable and well-fitting t-shirts. I tend to wear my t-shirts into the ground, and the AA ones have definitely lasted the longest in the best condition. However, I am small and skinny, and their shirts are more-or-less made to fit a guy of my dimensions. Other companies make t-shirts for big dudes where even a small size looks comically oversized on me. How are you shaped?
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spreadshirt has a really good selection of qualities for yr custom shirts, including American Apparel.
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Response by poster: @ griphus: I am about 6' tall, 150 pounds, so your recommendation of American Apparel would probably work well.
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Do you need a lot of t-shirts? Your best bet would be to find a local place that already has a relationship with AA (i.e. getting a discount for bulk ordering) and negotiate a price with them.
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Response by poster: I don't need bulk of the same item, although I might start getting most of my T-shirts custom from now on. It would be awesome though if I could support a local shop at a similar price.
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I like UberPrints. You can choose which type of shirt you want, of which American Apparel is an option. We ordered a bunch from them for a party and they came out perfectly.
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Have you tried Neighborhoodies: http://www.neighborhoodies.com/

They use American Apparel shirts. I have ordered a few custom shirts from them and they are awesome. I have never had any issues with letters peeling off or anything and the shirts always fit great.
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CustomInk offers a variety of American Apparel shirts.

(At 6'2 and 175, I feel your ill-fitting-tshirt pain).
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Response by poster: Spreadshirt is the cheapest so far.
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