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Asking for a friend: Where can I rent a Canon 7D for a single day in or around Asheville, NC.
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Many rental houses are now stocking 7Ds and 5D MK II. I found these guys after a Google, and it may be worth calling them. There are also some photography studios nearby: these guys popped up. They might be worth a shot. Even if they don't have one, they might know another shop that'll be able to help you.

You could also try online - these guys seem to do it for $25 a day.

Good luck!
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I have not actually used them yet, but I hear good things about Here's their listing for the 7D. It's not a single day, but they will mail it to you anywhere in the country. (I personally want at least one extra day with a camera before I go out and try to shoot with it anyway.)
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I was coming in to suggest because I have used them a number of times and think they are great. In my experience they also tend to be significantly cheaper than my other local independent camera shop rental place.
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You probably will have to get one shipped, but otherwise the only places I can think of here that you might try are Iris Photographic, Ball Photo, or Crystal Camera Repair (they get alot of stuff from around the country, and occasionally sell stuff). I don't think that any of them regularly rent things, but they might, or maybe they will swing you a deal.
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