Newspapers and Magazines in the Chicago Area?
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I'm going to be in Chicago later this week and I'd like to visit some great places for magazines and newspapers while I'm in the area. Something other than the typical Borders. What are some hidden favorites in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs?
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The newsstand on Michigan and Chicago in front of the Walgreens has an interesting collection.
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Quimby's Bookstore. Absolute must.
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The Chicago-Main Newsstand in Evanston and City News in Chicago (same ownership, same website).
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Absolutely Quimby's. Also, just off the Red Line in River North, is Europa Books, which has a lot of international and/or foreign language choices.
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I came in to recommend both Quimby's and the newsstand at Michigan and Chicago, so another vote for both of those.
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Seminary Co-op? (Take Metra Electric to 55/56/57th to get there from downtown.)
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Seminary Co-op does not have a good selection of newspapers and magazines (I'm not sure that they have any, in fact). Fabulous selection of books, though.
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The seminary co-op's sibling, 57th Street Books, is the one that has newspapers and magazines. Downstairs at the corner of 57th and Kimbark -- closer to the Metra than the coop itself. The periodical selection is not mammoth or historical, but it does have some interesting stuff.
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I can't speak to their collection of current periodicals, but there's a newsstand that I'm pretty sure is on Randolph just east of State that has an awesome display of magazines from the 90s that I assume have been on display since then. You might get a kick out of seeing Marc Andreesen's feet.

And I don't know much of anything about the Chicago Underground Library, but it might interest you.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommendations everyone. Does the newsstand at the corner of Michigan and Chicago have a name?
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Google calls it Modi's.
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seconding Chicago-Main Newsstand. It's right off of the Main St. El stop in the heart of Evanston's Main Street Shopping District. It's a block away from Belgian Chocolate Piron, one of the top 20 chocolatiers in the United States, as well as Chicago Rare Books (Evanston shop still open), Dave's Down To Earth Rock Shop, and Ten Thousand Villages. There are some terrific restaurants on Main as well.
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New Wave Coffee in Logan Square is cool, and it has Nintendo.
Ragstock: 812 W Belmont. Talk to Frank.
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On further note: Those places don't have newspapers.
My offer still stands.
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It's a little further out from the city, but Book Nook News in Lisle is exactly what you're looking for. It is at 4738 Main Street, just a couple blocks from the Lisle Metra station.
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