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[InternetSearchFilter] About a year or so ago, I read an article (pdf?) about designing logos. It had very detailed description of different techniques that can be used in designing a logo. In particular, it was about designing text logos and the kind of information in it included things like how the letters 'M' and 'W' can be fused together if both are present in the word etc., It had more to do with teaching different techniques of manipulating letters than a specific logo design example. Ofcourse, without actually knowing more I feel resigned to the thousands of "design a logo" tutorials. Here's hoping someone on AskMeFi remembers what I am talking about
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Was it the Before & After Magazine article on "How to set a text-only logotype" (preview)? It would have come in a PDF document, but it isn't something you would have just ran across online, as you need to be a subscriber to view the articles. If you think that's it, I believe my copy has a "email to a friend" button, so I can send you a copy when I get home.
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There are so many good logo guides out there. I thought yours might have been something from Before & After Magazine, but I couldn't find it. I would suggest taking a look here and maybe out of sheer tenacity you'll find it.
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If it wasn't that Before & After magazine article, it should be. Their articles are very nicely done. As with niles, if you'd like a copy, I believe that is permitted by the TOS and I can email you a copy. But if you like it, definitely consider a subscription.
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Best answer: Oh man. It was B&A, just not that article! You must have seen Design a Logo of Letters, mainly because it actually was free online for a period of time. You can't get it on anymore for free, but it's still around.

That scribd version sucks. Memail me for the PDF.
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Response by poster: niles, you are a hero. Yes, this is exactly it. I cannot believe I did not bookmark this when I first read it. Its such a splendid read and a far cry from the current 'design tutorials'. Thoroughly inspired. Are there any other resources that you know of that has similar lessons/content ? And yes, definitely signing up for a sub. at B&A if the rest of their stuff is as good.

Thank you, thank you!
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