Help a wannabe graphics designer make a logo
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What are some good resources for designing a logo for my company?

Looking to get a trademark/logo for a new youth sports program. I've downloaded some (very basic) drawing programs to try to create this logo (one is Intaglio, for Mac, demo version only), but I am "artistically challenged". Searching for clip art online was not very helpful - lots of links, not much content. Any "artistic" links, books, etc. would be welcome. My son mentioned a site he thought he heard about here - a company that designs logos for companies for a small fee. Does this sound familiar?
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search ebay for "logo design". You'll get quite a number of results. I can't guarantee any of their work though as i have never employed any of them.

In terms of actual logo design: If you claim you are artistically challenged then I'd urge you to seek professional help (get an artist not an therapist). If you're willing to sacrifice time to learn basic graphic concepts and software then the results will be quite professional. On the contrary, if you rush this, then your results will definitely look half assed.

A logo is minimalistic, professional and represents a concept in an instant. You get what you pay for.
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There are sites that designs websites for a fee, though logos I'm not sure.

Some sites I look at for logo inspiration (if that's what you're looking for):
- Brand New: site that reviews logo redesigns. Pretty straight-up, brief pros/cons reviews.
- Identityworks: I view this site less often, but there's good stuff to be found there with a bit of searching.
- Some little help here

However, if you're "artistically challenged", then I'm seconding FusiveResonance's advice. Where to hire graphic designers... well, there's always MeFi :).
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Google 'Logo Design'. There are several sites out there that let you commission logo design quite inexpensively.
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I've used (and been quite happy with) 99 designs. Basically you submit a "contest" for your logo with a bounty of $200-$300 and get a ton of designs submitted. You then review them and the contestants iterate on their designs.

I'm pretty sure its a bunch of guys off shore with hacked copies of Illustrator and PS - but the results can be really nice.
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Try 99 designs or Crowd Spring.
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If you're a cheapskate you can get a logo from Logoworks. However, as a designer, I think the work is crap and you get what you pay for. Yes, I realize that the prices that "real" designers charge for identity work may seem horrifying and/or unaffordable to many people. And that a youth program won't have a lot of dough to throw around.

I would recommend contacting a local design/art school and seeing if you can find a student to do the work for you. But please pay them, even if it's not a huge amount of money.

I don't approve of spec work sites like those recommended above - ie, asking a designer to work for nothing (except for one lucky one, I guess). If you want to see what a designer can do, look at their portfolio.

I'm not opposed to pro bono work - if a designer or company wants to donate (or barter) their time and talent that's great.
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I know a very good contract artist who has done logos for me in the past. She's talented and very inexpensive (<$100, but her prices may have changed). I have no vested interest or kickback arrangement. Mail me for contact info.
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I had a logo done through elance. I posted what I was looking for, several people bid, some with sample logo ideas already started. The bidder I chose went through a few refinement iterations with me until I was satisfied. Cost was something like $100-200.
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Worth1000 Jackpot Contests might be just what you need.
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I've noticed a ton of people doing this work for a fee via
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If you decide to go the clipart route, please note that the terms of most clipart suppliers specifically forbid this usage.
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I had a mefite (loquacious) design my logo for ... $150 if I recall correctly. I was very pleased and definitely felt I got my money's worth.
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I got a logo for my consulting company from It was a professional job and i'm very happy with it. Can't beat the price: $25, 3 day turnaround. I think this was recommended also at Kevin Kelly's website.
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