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Do I want a wireless bridge?

The AirPort Express that I was using to stream music from desktop PC to audio system located in my LR just died. I almost convinced my wife to let me set up our PC in the LR and use it for, well, everything. That didn't work. Now I'd like to stream whatever is on my desktop to a 46" LCD and audio system. Music, videos, pictures, etc. How to do that, and as inexpensively as possible?
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Buy a cheap little windows computer and get yourself a DVI to Component cable. Put a wireless card in it and buy yourself a wireless mouse and keyboard. Or a little htpc like this Asrock. Supports HDMI, HD, etc.
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Yeah, you need an HTPC. You can buy barebones ones from places like Newegg for a couple hundred bucks. And they even sell them in horizontal cases that look like home theater components. Sneak it by the wife as a "receiver!" They never know what that is anyway ;)
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Mac Mini's are perfect HTPCs. If you're already a Mac household you should definitely consider this route over a Windows HTPC.
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Video is going to suck over wifi, no matter what, if that's all you have, but I'd say one of the cheaper ways is to use a Playstation 3 with TVersity. You could also use an XBox (1st Gen) with XBMC, but that might be a little loud, fanwise.
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My current way of doing this is an Xbox 360 and TVersity as the server. If you don't need HDTV, a vanilla Xbox can be had very cheaply second hand. Mod it, install XBMC, and you have a fine media center. I hope to get the Boxee Box whenever it's available.

Your question is about "wireless bridge". That's a specific bit of networking that lets you have two ethernets in your house joined by WiFi. It doesn't work very well. For a home theater app I suggest you just get a USB wireless network adapter and plug it in to whatever playback device you have. Even better is wired, if at all possible.
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Video is going to suck over wifi, no matter what

Thats not necessarily true. My HTPC is on a wireless bridge and using iperf I get around 17-20mbps of bandwidth. Thats quite a bit to transfer movies I download either by opening them on a file server share or just transfering the entire file (takes a couple minutes, but so what). Most HD content is heavily compressed if it comes from an internet source. If you have a solid G or N connection you should be good.

Things like netflix or hulu steaming work the same as any other computer.
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I would go with a nettop like this Acer Aspire (ION) for $199 or this barebones MSI Wind at $149.
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what brand is the 46 inch tv newer samsung models can play movies and audio prom the network on the tv itself.
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It's a Sony Bravia, no, it doesn't have built in wireless.
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The Bravia has an ethernet port yes? Mine (a 46W5100) does. I picked up an Asus WL-330e a few weeks ago for it and while I've only watched a little netflix, it seems to work great. It's even powered by the usb port on the back of the set.
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My model is 46V5100, so sadly, no.
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Well I posted somewhat quickly anyway, and forgot to mention that there are some issues with streaming to the tv, even though it is DLNA compliant. Windows Media Player works but has limited functionality, and TVersity and PS3 media server don't seem to work at all.

I have used all of those with a PS3 to stream to, and if you end up going that route I'd recommend PS3 media server. Based on my short term, limited experience so far.
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