Stream music from my pc to my android phone over local wireless.
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I want an app that I install on my Droid 3 phone that'll find my computer on my home wireless network and which I can point to my music folder and stream.

I've found a couple services that involve setting up local servers, web apps, and what have you. But ES File Explorer can find my Windows PC on my wireless network and transfer files without any hassle, and I want a music player that can do the same basic thing, but present my music as a tagged library, like the default Android music player. The idea here is that I can have my phone in my pocket, and walk around my apartment doing chores or whatever, but still have my entire music library available through my headphones.

I realize this is an absurdly specific request, but I vaguely suspect something like this exists, but is gonna be basically impossible to find via Google. Even a suggestion for a slightly more involved app (as in, one that requires a desktop application or something) is fine if it's elegant and fairly trivial to set up. Thanks, hivemind!
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Best answer: You probably want something along the lines of DLNA. BubbleUPnp is a fantastic (free and paid) app that I use for video streaming. I just looked at the audio options, and it lets you browse a library by album, artist, genre, playlist, etc.

I believe Windows Media Player presents files to DLNA apps, but Bubble also has a PC server application that looks promising.
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Subsonic does what you want, I think.
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Not exactly the same thing, but what about Google Music? You can upload your library, or a portion of it, to their servers and then stream it anywhere you have a connection.

The android app itself works on tags, and pretty seamlessly integrates locally stored content with cloud content.

Edited to add: if you are in a region where Google Music is not available, you can get around this without too much trouble. You just need to use a location-faking service (VPN, proxy, alternate DNS) ONCE to log in to and make it think you're in the US. From then on it becomes "activated" on your google account and can be used without jumping through any hoops. I am canadian and have been using this for months and I love it!
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ZumoCast is a Motorola app that first became available on the Bionic, iirc, but I'm pretty sure it will work on the Droid 3. Here's a youtube demo.
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I use SqueezeCenter, AKA Logitech Media Server (free) on my PC, and Squeezeplayer (cheap) on my phone, controlled by Squeeze Commander (cheap). Works perfectly for me.
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Bah. Proper link for LMS
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I've set up Plex, a server program that will provide audio and video files to most any device with the app. PC program is free and worked out of the box for me, app is a couple of dollars. Give it a try.
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Response by poster: Looks like BubbleUPnP with Foobar2000 and the server plugin work perfectly. Thanks!
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Late to the party:

Vuze offers some easy to use device streaming. I used to use it to stream videos to my Xbox and it worked with no set up. Things just found themselves.

I know you didn't want to fiddle with servers but if you ever plan on having a NAS, Synology's have excellent streaming. There are proprietary Synology apps for streaming video and audio to iOS and Android (I use the latter) plus support for AirPlay and other audio streaming.
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