My new favorite band in the WORLD is... oh crap.
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Next round of "identify my mystery song": College radio station 90.1 in Seattle area (KUPS Tacoma, probably, signal was very weak though so maybe not) about 10:05 pm this evening. DJ not working from a set list, failed to log what he played, and relieving DJ has no idea.

Song was very lo-fi overdriven guitar mostly, with vocals that reminded me of the Waitresses, kind of. Chorus included a phrase that sounded something like "fix my kitty" repeated often. Unfortunately, I lost the station dead as I passed under a bridge and didn't get to hear who it was or figure out the lyrics. It's possible it's a local band, but there are some Sound area people around MeFi, so I have my fingers crossed. What was that song?
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Not sure about the song, but that sounds a lot like the Vivian Girls (who are from New York, but they're playing here in less than two weeks). "Tell the World?"
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Response by poster: It kind of reminded me of Romeo Void never say never also, but not quite as peppy. It wasn't fast, like a Ramones song. I don't think it was Vivian Girls from their sound on YouTube.

Damn it. I hate it when that happens.
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Find out what the previous DJ's name was and when he plays again. Call / email!
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I don't know the song, but In Flagranti sounds a little bit like The Waitresses - play the first song on their myspace. It's nsfw, their site isn't either.
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The In Flagranti single, by the way, is awesome. Absolutely essential Hercules (& Love Affair) remix as well. Juno Records mp3 purchase link.
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Best answer: Was it The Kills?
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Response by poster: Yes! It was in fact The Kills! I'm always amazed at how the people of MeFi can do this so quickly with so little information. Thanks, oneirodynia! Thanks everyone else, too; now I have a few more bands to check out I would never have heard of.

During preview: son of a bitch. Hear how that YouTube clip cuts out at 5:03 but keeps playing silence for a while? I bet the radio station's copy did the same thing, just as I drove under a bridge.
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Response by poster: It appears my description was pretty far off, which is what makes it even more crazy that oneirodynia knew it.
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