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Anyone know a good pizza restaurant in the vicinity of UCL, Gower Street?

Meeting a friend for lunch today, he suggested pizza and I have a suspicion that he wants to go to Pizza Express, slightly off which I have recently been put. If anyone could suggest a nice, inexpensive pizzeria vaguely near Gower Street that I could suggest as an alternative, it would be greatly appreciated.
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I live in this area.

I'd walk over to Lambs Conduit and go to Ciao Bella.
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La Caricatura was pretty good last (and only) time I tried it. 33 North Audley Street. The basic pizzas are mostly under £10.
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Second Ciao Bella.
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I live here too (hi, vacapinta)

Thirding Ciao Bella. Though if you want something slightly different, there's okonomiyaki (aka Japanese 'pizza') at Abeno on Museum Street.
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Ciao Bella.
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nthing Ciao Bella
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We went to Ciao Bella, it was lovely. Complimentary olives and pecorino and massive tasty pizzas. My friend managed to entangle himself in a valentine's day balloon, much to the amusement of everyone nearby.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll put La Caricatura on a mental list for another day.
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Ciao Bella? Obviously I've missed the boat here, but you can do 100% better by heading to Spacca Napoli just south of Oxford St. Authentic Napolitan pizza, by Napolitan chefs, in Napolitan ovens. Second only to Franco Manca as London's best pizza.
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I thought Spacca Napoli doesn't exist anymore.
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