Fun gift for friend traveling to watch the Olympics?
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Fun gift for friend traveling to watch the Olympics?

My BFF is heading to Vancouver to watch the Olympics, and it also coincides with her 32nd birthday. I was trying to think of a gift that would be fun or useful for her to have while attending the events, and hanging out in the area. Any ideas?
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Pocket binoculars? For the same reason given here.
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Is she an iPod/iPhone user? One of those sexy offline map applications would be useful for tooling around Vancouver, which is pretty large, spread out, and confusing.
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Good rain gear! A light rain coat and cute rubber boots. Inspiration here.
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Condoms. Seriously. It is gonna be one heck of a party.
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We have been repeatedly warned at work that our transportation infrastructure will be jammed and to expect delays of hours waiting to catch the Skytrain (which I take to work). Something to pass the time waiting at bus stops and train stations would be a good idea. If she doesn't already have one, an iPod Touch or similar would be a great idea, if it's in the price range. Otherwise, maybe a good book?

Seconding the suggestion for the slightly less fun but very practical pair of warm, waterproof footware, especially if she'll be watching any on-snow events.

I've lived my entire life in Vancouver and Whistler; if your friend has any questions, feel free to MeMail me. I'd normally be more than happy to show your friend around town to boot, but I won't be in town for the Olympics, since my apartment is in an ideal location more or less equidistant between the Olympic Village and the stadiums where the opening ceremonies and the gold medal hockey game are being played, my landlord couldn't resist the opportunity to rent out the place for some insane amount during the games, evicting me in the process. Fortunately, I had the foresight to request my vacation time for the Olympics before anyone else in my department.
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