Total TV ad dollars in 2009 vs 2008?
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What are the total ad dollars spent on TV advertising in 2009 vs 2008? If it hasn't been really totaled up yet, is there a projection? I'm trying to get a sense of the difference due to the economic problems and general trends away from TV advertising. If you can site a reference, all the better!
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US 2008 TV ad spending is estimated at $136 Billion USD.

Source: Nielsen

US 2009 TV spending estimated at $66.9 Billion USD
Source: eMarketer

Global TV Advertising in 2008: $185 Billion US Dollars
Global TB Advertising in 2009: $171 Billion US Dollars
- Source: ZenithOptimedia

The 2009 data look to be predictions at this point; firmer numbers will be available later in 2010.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much. I know the 2009 dollars are likely to be estimates for awhile, but the linked-to eMarketer article is from December 2008. Is there anything more recent?
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