If you can still read this shot glass, keep drinking
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Need a personalized shot glass and I need it fast. Is there a store in NYC that can do this for me?

I realize that I can easily get a personalized shot glass online, but I need it by Friday, so it would be great if I could find somewhere in the area (New York City) to do it. All I need is a three-word phrase painted on the side of one glass. My brain is coming up empty on where to start looking, though. Suggestions?
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Best answer: I would give a call to New Dimension Trophies, 6505 11th Ave in Brooklyn @ 718/236.8200. They came in cheap and on-time when I needed them last-minute in the past. Alpha Engraving in midtown also gets good reviews but I have not used them.
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Best answer: You could etch it yourself. Call around to art supply stores and hardware stores to see if they sell glass etching cream. It's easy, and not very dangerous.
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Things Remembered has a few.
No idea if any of their locations work for you though...
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Seconding etching one yourself. Any craft store will have everything you need except the glass.
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Response by poster: Oooh, I want to try etching it myself, especially since that new Michael's store opened uptown, but my tracing/hand-drawing artistic skills are awful. Looks like Alpha Engraving will do the trick, though. Thanks, everyone!
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