Can someone recommend a good part-time nanny in San Diego?
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Can someone recommend a good part-time nanny in San Diego?

I'm actually not sure what we need. We've a three month old with no special needs, and I work from home, but I'm not billing as many hours as I could because I'm caring for our child.

I can bill for substantially higher rates than a nanny, but the times I need someone are every couple hours when our child is awake and needs to be fed, changed, and played with, so I don't know how to make best use of both their time and mine. If I could find someone who could cook and clean, too, that may work, if they could come for just a couple hours a day.

Has anyone been in this situation before? Also, believe me when I say I'd love to keep doing this myself (I love my kid!), but we really need all the income we can get right now and I'm losing billable hours to work I could get done much more cheaply, if I can figure out how to schedule it.

Another option is just to tough it out to the point where our child's schedule gives me more long blocks of time, but how long will that be? We're going to eventually need someone to baby sit when we want to have a night out together, anyways.
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You'd think given our location there would be plenty of under-the-table workers available, but we don't know anyone we'd trust to recommend someone (hence this question).
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I am not in San Diego, but I live in a university town. I have had good luck in the past finding part-time childcare at odd times during the day by hiring students. My local university even has a website where they list available babysitters from among the student body, who have had background checks and all; they do it as a resource for student parents, but it's handy for those of us who live a mile off-campus too. I wonder if there would be anything like that near you?
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Not in CA, but we just found our nanny on I would check it out - there were plenty of people in our area who are willing to work part-time and also do light housework. You can search for people with published background checks, read reviews of potential caregivers, etc. Good luck!
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Thanks, Lodie6. We've had recommended to us.

notthatgirl, that's a good idea.
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We did this (literally--one of us worked from home) briefly in San Diego, and ended up hiring a university student that happened to be studying education or child psych or some related field. It worked well, though we didn't end up doing it for long.
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