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What should I buy for my friend's birthday? Answers from hardcore Mean Girls fans preferred.

I'm asking the question because my original idea was to get a custom set of magnetic poetry, but I don't think I can buy just one or two copies of a custom product from US Magnetix. What other fun gift can I get in the same spirit? Or, what custom-made gifts have you given or gotten that relate to a favorite TV show or movie?

In case it matters:
  • My friend is a guy, turning 23; I'm a girl around the same age.
  • He loves TV shows with bitchy drama, like Gossip Girl and The OC, but has Netflix and the disposable income to buy himself as much media as he likes.
  • I am not crafty. My main talent is working with code, I guess, but please assume for this question that I don't want to make his present myself.
  • His birthday is a month from now, so I've got a bit of time to wait for items to be shipped online. If you have local suggestions, I live in San Francisco.
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Bitchy drama, you say? One word: DYNASTY.
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Best answer: Make your own magnetic poetry! print random, bitchy words on magnetic sheets and just cut them out and box it up as a gift! The bonus is that you can add friends' names so he can get bitchy on everyone! I did this for a friend of mine and it was a huge hit!
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sorry, just re-read your question and noted that you didn't want to make something yourself... oops!
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Response by poster: SheIsMighty, that looks promising! (I'm also happy to see an Amazon link because I have Prime :) I guess DIY didn't cross my mind because I don't have a printer at home... did you have any trouble cutting the magnets?

If I make a gift out of quotes, I'm definitely including character names, in-movie slang, and our friends' names..
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Response by poster: Oh, by no crafts, I meant that I don't know how to knit, etc. I think I can probably handle cutting up magnets if I have the right tools.
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Buy some Swedish candy bars and tell him they're the latest diet craze.
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Magnetic sheets and DIY poetry FTW!

Those sheets are super easy to cut with regular scissors, pretty much like cutting two sheets of cardstock at the same time.
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if you're doing the make your own magnetic poetry - spend the couple of bucks and get a rolling cutter/rolling razor blade and a mat that you can't cut through. you can do it with scissors, but it's a lot easier with the roller.
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Best answer: You can also probably get someone on Etsy to make you a personalized one-off magnetic poetry set, which would probably be cheaper than buying yourself a rotary cutter if it's not something you need very often (although if you can see uses for it, the things are awesome). See if there is someone selling magnetic poetry and get in touch with them, otherwise try Etsy Alchemy.
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Response by poster: Silly me, I forgot that the right answer is always Etsy! Thank you for the advice. I found several different sellers who have poetry kits for sale and have started contacting them.

I've also added Dynasty to my own Netflix queue and am searching other sites for Swedish nutrition bars. Sigh :)
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Response by poster: This is fun. Now I want to print up some chocolate bar wrappers as pretend Kalteen bars... anyone know what they look like?
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How about a really too big pink polo shirt?
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If you manage to find bitchy magnetic poetry please let us know! Would love some!
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How about a copy of the movie Heathers?
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Best answer: Mean Girls themed gifts:

- Anything with Danny DiVito in it. (I LOVE YOUR WORK!)
- A Fertility Vase of the N'Dbele Tribe, and a CD of Ladysmith Black Mombazo.
- The Mean Girls Food Basket: Kalteen Bars. (Everyone in Africa speaks Swedish.) Butter. (Is butter a carb?) Toaster strudel. (Her dad, like, invented Toaster Strudel or something.) And nonalcoholic humpday cocktails (I'm one of the cool moms!).
- Really really nice hoop earrings, that he's not allowed to wear because Regina said hoop earrings were "her thing" so he has to pretend he doesn't even like it.
- His very own Spring Fling tiara and two gift certificates to the Walker Brother's Pancake House (or equivalent).
- The book upon which the movie is based, "Queen Bees and Wannabes."
- A tank top with the boobs cut out of it.
- Foot creme (for his face), $.99 Drug Store Lip Gloss (for his teeth), a waxing set (to make a wig out of his mom's back hair).
- Something pink. (And if you don't follow these rules, you can't sit with us.)
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Response by poster: Oh man, I'm gonna have to start assembling little gift baskets for my other friends who like the movie. This is too good!

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