did i let the drugs spoil?
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pharmacists: i accidentally left the phenobarbital out for a few hours. is it hosed?

my delicious little cat cat takes 7.5ml of phenobarbital every twelve hours for idiopathic seizures (he has them every ten to twenty days without medication, never when medicated).

last time i dosed him was about 6:00 this morning, at which point i groggily left the meds on the counter. i discovered them again when i woke up in earnest at 11:30. so that says these were actually unrefrigerated from about 6:15.

they're back in the cold now, but should i dump this batch and order new?i can't ask my pharmacist right now because they're closed.

to make this even more exciting, we need to leave town for work tomorrow at 1PM and will be gone for a couple of days, so that means i'd need to make the order before then. it wouldn't be an emergency, just a juggle.

(we have a sitter who knows the cats and can take care of them morning and night while we're gone, but i'd rather she not need to help jackson out of a seizure should that happen.)
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Here's a paper showing phenobarbitol as not degrading significantly over 115 days at room temperature in an alcohol free suspension. I am not your pharmacist and depending on the formulation, it may vary.
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You don't have to call "your" pharmacist. You can call any pharmacist.
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You don't have to call "your" pharmacist. You can call any pharmacist.

no compounding pharmacies capable of answering authoritatively open today.

however, your answer did get me to call another vet i know of (i was being linear so i didn't think of it). the doctor thinks it'll be okay to just re-refrigerate, but they couldn't give me a definitive answer since i'm not a recurring customer under their care.
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How about Poison Control? May be a long shot, but I was actually referred to them BY AN EMERGENCY VET CLINIC after my cat quickly scarfed up my dog's heartworm pill when I dropped it by mistake. They were quite helpful, actually.
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listen to atrazine, it's bioavailibilty is not significantly impaired.
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