Will this glass hold my imac computer?
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Will this glass hold my imac computer?

Someone gave me a large piece of glass to use for a tabletop. I found some old saw horses and thought I'd use them to hold the glass. I set this up and it seems pretty sturdy but thought I'd check with you guys. Here are some photos. The imac is 30 pounds. Everything is is pretty light. Thanks!

Photo 1

Photo 2
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oops... everything else is pretty light....
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dunno, but make sure to put something under the imac's stand. It will scratch it up good.
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scratch the glass or the imac?
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I just recently found out you can mount iMacs to the wall. All you need is an adapter kit. Maybe that would be an option for you?
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anecdotal: I have this glass desk, and its glass is 1/8" (so a good bit thinner than yours, though mine has metal tubing running under the long sides of the desk). it's currently holding up a 24" iMac and a 19" extra monitor, plus a whole bunch of other crap (incld. sometimes cats) and has been since August 2008 without incident. AFAIK, the main part of my desk is rated for 60lbs or so. maybe add some crossbraces (cut-to-size 2x4s or 1x4s or something?).

the glass won't scratch the iMac base. and the iMac base (probably) won't scratch the glass. the foot has a slider-type deal underneath which bears the brunt of the pressure from the machine. you might think about putting down a placemat or a desk topper or something if you're worried about scratching, though.
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I considered the mount but I move the computer around a lot so decided against it. I had my old monitor mounted on the wall which I really liked but it made it difficult to change the location of the desk. I don't care about the imac scratching the glass. I just don't want it to break! Maybe I'll get a big board and put it underneath the glass for extra safety.
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austinlee, I have the exact same setup at home, with a 27″ iMac - glass the same thickness, two sawhorses - and everything has been fine for 2 months. (I previously had a 17″ monitor that was approximately the same weight on the same glass for the previous seven years). I also have a droboPro and a few other pieces of hardware on the desk.

Your glass appears to be tempered (it has that green sheen to it) and plenty thick, so I think you will be fine.
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For what it's worth: I've been working in an open space where *every* working surface was like this, with various amount of junk piled on top of it. In the 1-something years that I was there we hadn't a single accident, even on those occasions where a laptop would drop from a bag onto the surface by accident.
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Anyone who works with glass will tell you:
PLEASE get something to cover those staples on the wooden sawhorses.
The staples will scratch the glass, but MORE IMPORTANT: They will create stress points which will allow/encourage the breaking or shattering of the glass.

A piece of thick felt or fabric will do. Some sort of cushion is needed at that junction.
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Doesn't look much different than this:


(which is advertised in the catalog with an iMac on top).

The only thing that worries me about your setup is that "chair". Hopefully you know a good chiropractor!
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Good call on the staples. I'll fix that tonight!
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