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So, what are some secret passwords, hacks, easter eggs, etc. that you have heard of?

Inspired by this FPP about the backlot at Facebook, I'm curious about other stories (true or not or who knows?) about master passwords, secret hacks and/or easter eggs that are around as we head into 2010. Do you know any? Share them here, rumors or tried and true. Internet, real life or otherwise.
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In the Atari 2600 game Adventure, the lead programmer's name is hidden in a dungeon someplace.
posted by box at 12:49 PM on January 17, 2010 is about all you'll ever need to know. They've got everything that is an easter egg, and some things that aren't.
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For a long time, the US nuclear launch codes were all zeros. Sendmail (used to send and receive email) used to have a wizard mode that would grant root access to anyone.
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People seem to like it when I point out the Konami Code to them.

In the sequel to Maniac Mansion, Day Of The Tentacle, you can play the entire original MM game on a computer in a side room.
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In the text adventure Adventure, the words "xyzzy" and "plugh" would teleport the user between two locations.
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"I'm with the band."
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In ĀµTorrent, going to Help --> About ĀµTorrent and pressing 't' allows you to play tetris while you wait for your latest torrent to download.
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Ken Thompson's "Reflections on Trusting Trust" is my favorite hidden-code story.
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Tivo has a very useful 30 second skip button hidden behind an easter egg.
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PS: I once heard they hid the 30 second skip behind a hack as their competitor Replay TV had a patent on a comercial skipping button, and also because the TV stations would be upset about a feature that explicitly jumped past commercials.
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I don't know if this quite fits into what you want but there's been two 'superuser' scandals in the online poker world that I've heard about.

Both connected to Tokwiro Enterprises and their online cardrooms Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet.

The wiki article isn't long, but it's basically that these 'superuser' accounts could see the other players hole cards.

I remember when one of the Ultimate Bet accounts was initially spotted by users of the 2+2 forums. At first it was just one high stake player saying "this seems very odd to me the way they played this session and these few hands in particular" then others chimed in with their experiences + additional user names who played the same way.
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Although not quite as hip and popular as it was in the 2000s, Homestar Runner is synonymous in my mind with Easter Eggs, there are often several in each flash cartoon.

Another everyday Easter Egg in real life is one I've heard about elevators. As the rumor goes, several elevator manufacturers (not clear on which) activate "express mode" with the press of a floor number plus the close doors button simultaneously. This is supposed to take you immediately to that floor with no interrupting stops at other floors and at a reportedly faster speed. I've often tried this but only encounter a few different elevators in my everyday life.
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PegaSys BBS software had a master password you could figure out with a hex editor.
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People seem to like it when I point out the Konami Code to them.

The Konami code also works on a lot of websites.
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If you dial *3001#12345#* on an iPhone you get all kinds of weird diagnostic information.
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Many Coke machines (the ones with the red digital display that says ICE...COLD...COKE) have the default menu access code set. It's 4231 - press the fourth drink button down, then the second, then the third, then the first. Press the Coin Return button to exit the menu. Don't steal drinks.
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Response by poster: These are great guys!! I love the "off the beaten path" ones, coke machine, konami code, etc. I'm still trying to crack the facebook code, keep them coming!
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