Can we all use different computers for our multiple user Rosetta Stone?
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When Rosetta Stone says you can have multiple users, do they really mean multiple users on the same computer? We're working with RS version 3 for personal use, Latin American Spanish. The box says 5 users, but when installed on a second computer, it won't let us use the activation code to get all the lessons. Can we run it on two different computers? (MacBooks OS 10.5.8)
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I would assume they mean 5 users on the same computer. If they meant 5 separate computers, they would probably have said 5 licenses.
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You don't have to assume. It's actually true: what they mean is five "users" in their list of language learners for a single installation of the software. You still only get one installation. Curse you, DRM! Curse you!
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Agreed with InsanePenguin. Language like "5 users" almost certainly indicates 5 unique accounts on the same installation, so each of you have your own progression, lesson plan, etc.
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Well, I don't know all the technical stuff, but I can tell you this: I own Rosetta Stone version 3 French (all 4 levels). I've installed it on my computer, and my wife has installed it on hers. We both use it without issue. I don't remember having any problem getting this to work when we bought it last August. Have you called tech support? Have you read the documentation?
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