Antiques and Electronics Buying Trip
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Electronics deals between Toronto and Arizona

I'm headed from Toronto to Arizona. Departure date is around February 23rd, and return date is about March 15th. I'm looking for surplus electronics, test equipment, computers and networking equipment. Surplus dealers, big ham fests and auctions would all fit the bill. Not really looking for consumer electronics.

Also, a much easier question.. I'm traveling with my Mom, who's an antique dealer, so auction listings and flea market locations for antiques will also be helpful.

Side trips will be happening, so anyplace that is between here and there (to narrow things down, anyplace within 100 miles of this route) is of interest. However, most of the time will be spent there, so an auction on March 3rd in Chicago doesn't do us any good.

Lots of other planning is in the works, but any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Travel really isn't the right category for this :)
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You might be able to hit up the American Science and Surplus in Chicago.
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ASU (Arizona State University) has a Property Surplus that's open to the public. It's been about 10 years since I've been there, but since you'll be in the area maybe you can stop by and check it out. From what I remember the stuff was mostly obsolete equipment and office furniture, but you might find some treasures.
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This doesn't fall within your 100 mile guideline, but it's so good that you might want to consider changing your return route - it's on an alternate route from Toronto that takes about the same time, at least on paper.

Mendelsons, in Dayton Ohio. Basically a giant warehouse filled with everything you could possibly want. You can get a decent feel for what new stuff they have at their online store, but in person there's so much more.

Here's a map of their third floor, which is where you'd probably spend most of your time. Note the freight elevator in the lower right for scale.

Some flickr pictures.
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Response by poster: Great stuff, thanks!

For the record, the route is just the first thing google spit out at me. I needed some kind of guideline for context. I'm not doing the primary route planning, but suggestions are welcome anyway. There might even be an AskMe specifically about that in a couple of weeks :)

Dayton Ohio might be a necessary detour for me regardless, what with the USAF Museum and everything. Looks like the XB-70 is on restoration though. Almost depressing....
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