I should've written down the name of the band.
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What's the name of this new rock/pop album, I recently heard about (on NPR?) that used autotune creatively?

I listen to Soundcheck and Fresh Air pretty regularly, so it may have been one of those shows, but it could also have been Morning Edition or All Things Considered. It was catchy pop/rock and was, if I remember correctly a band's 2nd album.
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Might have been Bon Iver's Blood Bank EP?
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Best answer: Maybe it was the new Vampire Weekend.
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Could it be The Gregory Brothers? They just have one EP out AFAIK, though ...
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Best answer: I heard Jenny Ellis on Sirius XMU interview someone from Vampire Weekend about their use of autotune on the new album. It was funny how defensive he sounded -- a lot of backpedaling and over-explaining to in an effort to convince people that they weren't trying to be trendy or anything.
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3rding Vampire Weekend. Heard it in my car.
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Response by poster: I heard this story. You'd think "Vampire Weekend" would be a hard name to forget. Thanks!
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Great album, btw.
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