Seeing TribalVoice or the modern equivilant (browser plut-in that lets people write stuff 'all over' websites)
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There used to be a web browser plug-in that let people write stuff all over websites. I think it was called Tribal Voice. Is there anything like that now?
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It was called Third Voice.

I don't know the answer to your question, I'm sorry.
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It was called Third Voice (see link above) and was a plugin, I'm not sure if there's an equivalent. The closest thing I can think of is StumbleUpon.
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Man, that was one of my saddest online days, when I logged on and Third Voice was gone. But re:your question, I think that for the same reasons Third Voice shut down in the first place, there is not likely to be anything similar out there now. Which sucks.
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I think you might be conflating two things. There was something called Tribal Voice, which was a site run by Native Americans. They had developed some software called PowWow, which was a sort of chat/web browser network app. It allowed 6 people to slave their web browsers to the "chief's" browser, and then talk about the sites they were looking at. Not a bad idea.

It's long gone, but you can read a description of it here, apparently reviewed in November 1995.

I chiefly recall it because, while searching their terribly-designed site to see if they would ever release a Mac version of the software, I stumbled upon a picture gallery of the founders in the company of a large number of nude teenage girls.

I'm not aware of any software that does this now, sorry.
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Wikalong is a FireFox plugin that provides a wiki for whatever you're looking at on the Web, sort of shared margin notes. It's a bit quiet because it hasn't been adopted that widely, but it's still neat.
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Graphitii the web is a web app that seems to do something similar, but mashes the pages a bit.

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In 1999, he and two colleagues launched Third Voice, a free browser plug-in that allowed Web surfers to annotate any site with their comments. The idea was to spark "inline discussions" among Web users, promoting a new civic mindedness that would keep corporations, government and the media honest.

Reminds me of how they thought TV would educate the masses and usher in a new golden era.

The annotation functionality was cool. I wish it were still around. But people and their funny ideas about how something new will be used to raise up mankind....
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These three threads may be helpful. Most of the suggestions are duplicates of answers given here but I'm sure there are a couple others.
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If you're in an experimental mood, you may want to read about W3C's Annotea project. There is also Annozilla, a beta project for Mozilla, it allows read-only support for Firefox.
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