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How do you tighten the 'spin' on a corner kitchen cabinet?

You know those corner kitchen cabinets that rotate? One of mine spins way too easily -- if the pots and pans aren't arranged JUST SO, with the weight equally distributed around the lazy susan thing, it spins on its own and hangs open. It drives me nuts.

I'm sure it can be fixed pretty easily -- it seems like it should just involve tightening some bolt -- but I can't figure it out, and have had no luck with google. (Apparently they usually break by one of the shelves sliding down so that the thing doesn't spin at all. That's not the problem with mine.) Does anyone know how to make my cabinet spin less freely? Thanks!
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Without looking at it, I don't know if you could tighten, or replace, a bolt without taking the cabinet apart or whether or not this might be destructive. You could also install something to create friction, but once again, without seeing it I can't tell you how do this exactly.

You could put weights in the cabinet, behind the pots and pans you need to get to, so that the weight distribution of the cabinet is not so dependent on the distribution of the pot and pans in the cabinet. You need two balanced weights placed on opposite sides of the lazy susan, and they need to be heavy enough to work. Two nice chunks of iron would work.

My guess is it's got worn over time and now there's less friction and it pivots more freely than when it was originally built.
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