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Where might I find classy desk accessories that are not the typical Office Depot/Staples/etc. thing? There must be a website or store out there somewhere but so far my searches have been coming up dry.

I'm a new-ish lawyer who will be starting to see clients with quite a bit of regularity soon, and my office needs to look more put together. What I'm looking for in particular is perhaps a nice blotter, business card holder, and possibly a couple other things along those lines.

So far I've been unimpressed with the things at the local office supply stores, and I've been given permission to find what I want elsewhere and expense it. Any ideas where I might look? I'm in Canada but have a US address that things can be shipped to quite easily.
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Levenger has some nice things.
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How about this one, which offers all kinds of hardwood office accessories.
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It's only available in the UK and maybe Australia, but may I humbly point you towards the world's most awesome stapler, the Rexel Staple Wizard.
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With all due respect to MuffinMan -- the world's most awesome stapler is here.
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Muji can be pretty good for stationery. I speak as a stationery addict (currently seeking professional help).
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Try Manufactum. They tend to sell rather high-priced, but extremely high quality stuff; their office selection looks like you might like it.
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I second Levengers.
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MOMA store: http://www.momastore.org/museum/moma/CategoryDisplay_10451_10001_11524_11524_-1______Y

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Seconding Manufactum - their stuff is lovely, albeit pricey.

kmennie - I stand corrected - the world's most awesome automated stapler.
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I'd also recommend looking at Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools. I've been trying to find a reason to buy the write-on poly sheets.
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I was going to say Levenger for old fashioned stuff. For modern, you might like Design Within Reach's Stainless Steel Desk Collection. They also have a Wood Desk Set.
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I also like See Jane Work, although some of their stuff is more like mom-organizers -- they have some nice silver and other classy tools, and pleasing file folders, and other unnecessary but enjoyable items. I particularly cannot work without their totally unnecessary and lovely matching pencils in pretty colors. I think my shallow is showing.
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Art Lebedev's store.
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Herman Miller?
As well as doing great pens & stationery, Muji have a lot of nice Office/Filing Accessories.
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the container store has some that are cheaper, but not as luxe as levenger.
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2nding The Container Store, or Storables, which is similarly fun to browse (in person more so than online).
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The Independent has published a list of their 50 favorite stationery items. It's UK oriented but most of the items on the list are sold on the web somewhere.
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