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What happened to the wondering minstrels poetry database and how can I find a replacement?

For almost ten years I have enjoyed the wondering minstrels mailing list and then when the list died the site on which the archives are located. But recently it has gone the way of the dodo, and I mourn.

I can still get to it (although it takes forever to load each poem) from the wayback machine, but I suppose it's time to find some other locations for poetry. There's as a partial replacement and Poetry International for the poems in foreign tongues, but I think there must be other good sites out there.

The things I really liked about the Wondering Minstrels is that there was a random button, the database spanned the range of written poetry and there were no ads. I'd be willing to put up with ads as long as they aren't obnoxious pop-up ones, as I'm sorry to say that sometimes has. The Minstrels site also occasionally had insightful commentary about the verse without being too drawn-out.

I am definitely not looking for one of those sites where people publish their own poetry.

Is there anything comparable? Are there sites you prefer for reading poetry?

I've read the previous questions, but this question is a bit different.
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Try emailing the people who ran the site. Their contact info is at the top of the archived pages.
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Lyrikline has thousands of poems in many languages. You should find plenty of translations into English. There are quite a few readings on there as well.
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It's back! On Blogspot, of all places. The whole archive seems to be up, and they're still posting new poems. (I'm not sure if they're still doing the mailing list, or if it's just on the web.)
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D'oh. That Blogspot blog has not, in fact, been updated since 2007. I got so excited when I saw it that I didn't look too hard at the dates.

Well, then. Now I'm sad.
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