Can you recommend any good poetry blogs?
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I'm looking for good poetry blogs, either blogs of good original poetry or blogs of good commentary on poetry. Do you have any recommendations?
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Ron Silliman's blog is a good place to start. He also has links to a bunch of other places. (I write some kind of poetry, but I'm not sure it's good, exactly.)
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Ron Silliman's blog isn't the end-all, be-all of poetry online, but if you're not a hard-core academic, it might as well be. Even still, he links to the rest of it anyway. Absolutely recommended (he is one of the old L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poets though, and definitely comes at his commentary and selected subject matter from a sort of post-avant perspective).
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OK, thanks for the Ron link, but I knew about him. And he, aiming for completeness, I suppose, links to a million blogs. I'm hoping someone who actively reads poetry blogs could say which two or three or ten or twenty are actually good, which ones they read because the content is good/great/wonderful.
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I like Journal of a Writing Man.
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Check out Nice Guy Syndrome. Tim's a great poet.
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I like Dave Bonta's Via Negativa.
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plagiarist is great. poetry analysis, poems, articles, and reviews |
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Sorry, I guess it isn't really a blog is it.
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I like Shanna Compton's blog.
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One Good Bumblebee is the only poetry blog I've ever read, and it seems OK in my limited appreciation of poetry.
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Ray Sweatman. I don't know if he's good, but I read him. I'm not sure such a thing as good poetry actually exists, objectively speaking.
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I like Dumbfoundry myself. But you knew that.
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It's not a blog exactly, ou might like to check out a site I run (to use the word quite loosely these days) called poetry critical. It's a free-registration online poetry workshop. The community is some what wavering (I beg you, don't even glance at the message board as it's an embarassment), but there's some good work to be had.

My favorite poet. My own work.
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I love the mix of poetry, photography and miscellanea at Watermark.
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All good suggestions. Thanks.
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