Great, accessible poetry to share with others?
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For National Poetry Month last year, I posted a poem a day for a certain circle of friends on Facebook. This was really well-received, and I'd like to continue this year but used up a lot of my favorites last year. What specific poems can you suggest that a general but well-educated audience would appreciate on first (or, at most, second) read?

I am aware of the Poetry 180 website and The Writer's Almanac, both of which frequently share the type of thing I am looking for, but I am looking for more specific suggestions.
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Response by poster: (I did put a list of last year's choices in my profile, if that helps you get an idea of what I mean by "accessible.")
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"Days" by Philip Larkin
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I was going to suggest Mary Oliver but I saw you already used one of hers! How about one of Thomas Lux's - Tarantulas on a Lifebuoy, perhaps?
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"You Fit Into Me" by Margaret Atwood
"A Step Away from Them" by Frank O'Hara
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Langston Hughes.
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A.E. Stallings's "The Wife of the Man of Many Wiles" (provided they know The Odyssey)
William Blake's "The Clod and the Pebble" (if less contemporary is okay)
Any of Pablo Neruda's love sonnets
Taylor Mali's "Tony Steinberg: Brave Seventh Grade Viking Warrior"
Billy Collins's "Introduction to Poetry"
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Robert Hayden's "Those Winter Sundays"

Elizabeth Bishop's "One Art"
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The Poetry Archive is a useful resource.

Poems that might fit the bill:
A Glass of Water by May Sarton (this was one I first saw on a hospital waiting-room wall)
Prayer by Carol Ann Duffy
Sometimes by Sheenagh Pugh

I will be watching this post with interest.
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e. e. cummings' In Just--; read by cummings here.
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Ivan coyote:
I want you to know that I know it is not always easy to love me. That sometimes my chest is a field full of landmines and where you went last night you can’t go tomorrow. There is no manual, no roadmap, no helpline you can call. My body does not come with instructions, and sometimes even I don’t know what to do with it. This cannot be easy, but still, you touch me anyway.
(Spoken word, so format as you like)
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"Not Waving But Drowning" by Stevie Smith
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This Be the Verse, Philip Larkin
My Last Duchess, Robert Browning
A Broken Appointment, Thomas Hardy
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"Girl Writing A Letter" by William Carpenter: "A thief drives to the museum in his black van..."

"Elegy," Jorge Luis Borges

"As I Walked Out One Evening," W. H. Auden
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Yusuf Komunyakaa is a delight and "Facing It" is very accessible.

Shailja Patel (full disclosure, a friend from back in my art admin days) has some beautiful poems on history, personal-meets-global.

I'll look through my W.S. Merwin (national Poet Laureate) and find something specific to recommend for him as well.
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This is a photograph of me by Margaret Atwood
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Stanley Kunitz, Benediction
Theodore Roethke,The Waking
Karl Shapiro, Auto Wreck
David Ignatow, Dilemma
May Swenson, Question
Richard Wilbur, Love Calls Us to the Things of this World
Jack Gilbert, Falling and Flying
Jorie Graham, Prayer
Howard Nemerov, Because You Asked About the Line Between Prose and Poetry
Carolyn Kizer, Amusing Our Daughters
Richard Hugo, Degrees of Gray in Phillipsburg
Robert Creeley, The Rain
James Wright, Complaint
Adrienne Rich, Prospective Immigrants Please Note
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Naming of Parts by Henry Reed. Bonus: a reading from Henry Reed and Frank Duncan. [via]
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Now comes the long blue cold, Mary Oliver
A Little Tooth, Thomas Lux
The Sciences Sing a Lullabye, Albert Goldbarth
April in Maine, May Sarton
I Remember, Anne Sexton
The Quiet World, Jeffrey McDaniel
Across a Great Wilderness Without You, Keetje Kulpers
From Blossoms, Li-Young Lee
Love After Love, Derek Walcott
Happiness Writes White, Edward Hirsch
Turning, W.S. Merwin
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Anything by Howard Nemerov.
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Lyn Hejinian, sections of My Life.
Paul Celan, "Erblinde."
Rainer Maria Rilke, "But if you'd try this ..."
Wallace Stevens, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird"
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Please include some by Lawrence Ferlinghetti!

I like "Dog".

More of his poems are here and here.
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Still I Rise Maya Angelou
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Muriel Rukeyser Elegy in Joy
John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester 1647–1680 "Love and Life: A Song"
Mary Oliver "The Summer Day" [This was a hit when I put it on FB]
Elizabeth Bishop "Conversation"
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Wislawa Szymborska, A Cat in an Empty Apartment
Lisel Mueller, Monet Refuses the Operation
Margaret Atwood, February
Richard Brautigan, Love Poem
Jack Gilbert, To See If Something Comes Next
Sandra Beasley, Unit of Measure
Louise Gluck, Adult Grief
CP Cavafy, Ithaka
Billy Collins, Marginalia

Also, Edwin Morgan, The Loch Ness Monster's Song. It's important for that one to be read aloud, and it's helpful to know that it's a poem about the Loch Ness Monster surfacing, looking around for his friend diplodocus, and going back underwater in disgruntlement when he can't find him.
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Stephen Dobyns, How To Like It
Robert Pinsky, Impossible To Tell
Nick Flynn, Cartoon Physics, part 1
Robert Creeley, I Know a Man
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Response by poster: You guys are awesome! Thank you!
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E.B. White's "Natural History" is lovely.
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