Cat friendly Philly hotel
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I need a cat friendly hotel in Philadelphia for tonight. Where should I go?

I came home from vacation to find no heat in my apartment. My landlord is on vacation and won't send anybody to fix the boiler until tomorrow at the earliest. Since it's already 40 degrees inside (and dropping) we've decided to check into a hotel. Are there any cat friendly (we have two, they have claws) hotels in Philly?
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Here is the Philly page on a pets-allowed hotel website. You should have several options, pending availability.
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- Best Western City Center allows pets with a $10/night charge.
- Motel 6 Philly Stadium allows one pet per room.
- Loews charges $25/night but seems to have pet amenities.

I found these via a quick scan of PetsWelcome, you may find more.
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Best answer: I'm too late for last night, but... Hotel Palomar is very pet friendly. They opened in November 2009, I stayed there a couple weeks after opening and it was nice and very pet friendly, and I found them to be accommodating in general so they are maybe an option to keep in mind.
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Response by poster: I stumbled on Hotel Palomar and they've been great. Perfect place to go if you need to bring animals.
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