Where to find cheap, warm slippers fast?
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I need a pair of under $20 slippers as a stocking stuffer. Requirements:

-men's, available in size 9 or 10, reasonably sized (not one size fits all/most)
-warm and comfortable
-easily washable
-preferably soles that can withstand a small amount of walking on pavement (like getting the morning paper)
-I can have them by Christmas (order online, by phone, or in person. I have access to Macy's, Sears, Dillard's, Target, and some others)
-preferably black or at least dark colored

I just found out my boyfriend has need of these, and I want to get them for him, but I have no idea where to start looking! Thanks in advance!
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JC Penney.

They're having good sales now, and their shipping when I ordered from them a week or so ago was very fast.
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Here's some. They look like they should be washable.
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Perhaps Target has what you're looking for? (If it weren't for the sole and color requirements, I'd recommend the Homer Simpson slippers. I've had a pair for four or five years and love them.)
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I'm not sure about the easily washable part because we haven't tried to wash them yet, but my boyfriend is a fan of these $10 slippers I bought him from target. There's also these but I have no personal experience with them.

Good luck! Warm comfy slippers are a surprisingly awesome gift. I bought the first pair because I moved into a new place and I wanted him to have slippers here when he visits (no outdoor shoes allowed indoors), and he liked them so much he wanted to take them home with him so I bought him a second pair for his birthday (which was two weeks after he visited). He specifically likes the sole, so they've got that going for them.
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As of last Sunday, Sears was having a huge sale on slippers (and gloves, which is what I went for). I don't know when the sale is through, unfortunately, or if it already ended.
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Oops, by 'last Sunday' I meant yesterday.
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Any department store.
Slippers are a huge sale item in December.
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Slippers are everywhere! I definitely like the ones with a sole, so you can go get the paper, walk the dog, etc. You should check out discount stores like Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory...I got a great pair of Nautica slippers from Burlington recently.
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Moccasins are nice because they're warm and fuzzy but also have proper soles and can pass for real shoes (you know, for post office runs in addition to newspaper retrievals). Not washable in the throw-them-in-the-laundry sense but you can spot clean...

Target has a few different styles, or if you're looking for something higher quality you can check out a department store.
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I got a good pair for myself a few weeks ago at Old Navy. They seem to fit all of your criteria, and I can tell you from personal use that they are pretty comfy.
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Any of those stores will have all manner of slippers for sale, because it's Christmas.

I went with $5 slipper-sock-style ones from Old Navy last week, myself. Screw this "feet cramping up when they encounter cold bathroom tile" crap.
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I'm wearing a pair of $10 Target slippers (not quite either of the ones linked above) right now - basic black with a nice snow-proof sole. They're glorious.
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I just picked up a pair at Payless Shoesource today, on sale for $15. They meet all of your criteria.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I am researching and finding and I will update the thread and mark best when I get one!
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