Are there any free Mac programs to remove PDF encryption?
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Are there any free Mac programs to remove PDF encryption?

I purchased a PDF book which I would like to transfer to my new Kindle. I have done the transfer, but the Kindle cannot open the book. I assume this is because the book is encrypted. Does anyone know of a free program for the Mac which will remove this encryption?
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When viewing the PDF on your Mac, are you able to access the print dialog box? If so, you could save as PDF from there, and the resulting file should not be encrypted (or whatever else is giving your Kindle trouble with the current PDF).
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Response by poster: @teg: That's a brilliant idea, but they must have thought of it too. I can get to print, but I don't have access to the "Save as PDF" menu option from the PDF dropdown.
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Where did you buy the PDF? Sometimes they offer alternate download links and you missed the Amazon .mobi format link?

Also, do you have the latest update for your Kindle? The version 2 kindle only recently got PDF capabilities (the Kindle DX has always had them). Not sure about the version 1 Kindle.
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Just saw this in my Google Reader feeds, FreeMyPDF. It purports to unlock PDFs for you. I have not tried it but the Lifehacker folks seem to think its pretty cool. Good luck.
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Try, a `free, online and no limits pdf restrictions remover'
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Look through the answers to this Ask Mefi question of mine asking just about the same thing.
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