Hanukkah Booze!
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What would be a good Hanukkah themed cocktail?

The drink can include beer, but no wine please.
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What about lighting shots of 151 in the form of a menorah (appropriate to the specific night of Hanukkah), then shooting them?
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He'brew, the chosen brew from Schmaltz Brewing.
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A friend of mine just organized a Hanukkah pub crawl. The drinks included:

Gin and Tonic - as an homage to Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song "drink your gin and tonic-ah"

Light Beer - to celebrate the festival of lights

Russian Potato Vodka - in reference to potato latkes

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur - to symbolize chocolate gelt
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How about something with blue curacao and white coconut flakes floating in it?
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Or a white cocktail (bailey's?) with blue sugar sprinkles?
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Chocolate Gelt Jewtinis?
Jerusalem Car Bombs?

It's all in the name
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I was going to suggest blue curacao, too. You can look up a drink gravity chart online to see what white liquors will float on it or under it, and make a layered blue and white drink. For example, float blue curacao on top of white creme de cacao- white chocolate orange flavored!
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I know you said no wine, but how about a Manischewit-ini?
splash of your preferred sweet kosher wine
fresh lemon juice to taste (I use quite a bit to make it less cloying)
Serve with a twist.
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Shots of potato vodkas. Because it rhymes.
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Hava tequila
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There's got to be a "the burning sensation lasts 8 times as long as usual" joke in here somewhere. I suspect the "shots of 151 rum" suggestion is a good start...
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MD 20/20?
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Definitely something with Goldschlager...for that total gelt experience.
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You could use schnapps as your shamash for your 151 menorah. Schnappsmash.
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